Recipe: Vegan Bacon & Cheddar Double Potato Pizza

February 28th, 2011 4:11 pm by Kelly

2011-02-26 - Potato Pizza FTW! - 0010


Last weekend, Shane and I decided to try our hands at making a Potato Pizza. Okay, okay; Shane’s hands, my eyes. Using this recipe as a starting point, he came up with a pie that was similar enough (minus the fancy blue potatoes); tasty, though surprisingly dry, even with a dusting of olive oil on the dough. Even the cheese shreds and Smart Bacon were dried out and ashy, positioned as they were on the top of the pizza. Ah well, back to the drawing board!

I’m happy to report that attempt #2, carried out on Saturday night, was an unqualified success. In lieu of the red sauce that normally graces pizza, we used cheesy mashed potatoes, which lent some much-needed moisture to the pie. On top of that went some extra cheese shreds, as well as bacon slices (all vegan, of course), followed lastly by the potato slices. Nestling the cheese and bacon under the potatoes helped to protect them from scorching – and of course locked the cheese’s moisture in, to boot. The only foodstuff that came out dry and crispy were the potato slices, which were almost like homemade chips or thinly sliced fries. Delicious!

The recipe is a three-step process: cheesy mashed potato sauce, dough and pizza. Lengthy, but easy enough. For extra-shiny bonus points, make a double batch of mashed potatoes and have some while you wait for the dough to rise! (Or transform it into potato soup for a completely different dish; details below.)

Bacon & Cheddar Double Potato Pizza

For the cheesy mashed potato “sauce”:


2011-02-26 - Cheesy Potato Sauce - 0007=



1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 onion, diced
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 large or 3 medium-sized baking potatoes (about 4-5 cups’ worth), sliced and diced
soy milk
salt, pepper, garlic powder, and/or onion powder to taste
1 tablespoon margarine
1/2 to 1 cup cheddar Vegan Gourmet cheese by Follow Your Heart (or the vegan cheese of your choice)


(Prep and cook time is approximately an hour, so plan accordingly.)

1. In a large saucepan or small soup pot, bring 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil to medium heat. (Use just enough olive oil to coat the bottom of your pot.) Add the diced onion and minced garlic and cook on medium until the onion is translucent and the garlic, golden brown.

2. Cut the baking potatoes into small, relatively uniform pieces: thin slices and/or small diced cubes. (The smaller the pieces, the more quickly they’ll cook.) Add them to the pot, along with just enough water and/or soy milk (I used half and half) to cover them.

3. Cook, covered on high, until the water begins to boil. Reduce heat to medium-high and continue cook, uncovered, stirring the pot every few minutes.

4. Add in the spices to taste and continue to cook until the potatoes become tender and begin to disintegrate. As you stir the pot, mash the potatoes as best you can by hand. If you think that the potatoes look a bit on the soupy side, continue to cook on low until the mixture thickens up.

5. When done cooking, transfer the mix into a large, microwave-safe bowl. Add a pat of margarine to taste. Using a hand mixer, whip the potatoes until they become smooth and creamy. If the mix is too thick, don’t be afraid to mix in a little extra water or soy milk.

6. Add in the cheddar cheese, stirring by hand. Microwave on high for two to three minutes, stopping every minute to stir. The cheese should blend in smoothly with the potatoes after several minutes of cooking.

7. You can use this “sauce” immediately (though be careful if handling while hot), or store it in the fridge until ready for use. When cold, the potatoes will be a bit firmer, and almost Jello-like in consistency. This is okay! You can either microwave it for 30 seconds or so to “loosen” it up, or stir it by hand until it becomes more easily spreadable, almost like the cheese of a “cheese log.” (For those who are milk-allergic like moi, a better analogy might be chilled French Onion dip made with Tofutti Sour Cream! Potato, potathtoe.)


Saturday Garbage Plate: Vegan Meal Time

February 26th, 2011 11:28 am by Kelly

Garden Manicotti Pizza

Cheesy Vegan Garden Manicotti Pizza, with strips of red pepper and broccoli florets.
PCC image via Flickr user Bacon and Tofu.

All the pizza that’s fit to nom. All-vegan, too! (Like duh.)

Contests and Giveaways! Vegan Vagrant is giving away a package each of Fakin’ Bacon and Smart Bacon (both by Lightlife, for which I am a total fangirl) to one lucky winner; the deadline to enter is 2/28. Also ending on 2/28 is Vegan Machine’s Funk Off! Vegan Bath and Body Products Giveaway. Finally, TriniGourmet has a copy of Taymer Mason’s Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion up for grabs; enter to win by 3/2.

This just in: Daiya Pepperjack Cheese!

Support a prochoice vegan in The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! (Fuck yeah, prochoice vegans! Ditto: vegan mozzarella sticks!) Just $179 to go and Emelda will have raised enough scratch to fund one abortion for a woman in need.

Kinship Circle - 2011-02-18 - Brazil Mudslides 03

If you still have a little extra monies floating around after that, why not make a donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of Mike Pence, Congressional Rep. and woman-hater extraordinaire? With any luck, our collective snarkery will make his head implode while also supporting a good cause, namely reproductive health care (including but not limited to breast cancer screenings; pelvic exams; STI testing; and UTI and yeast/bacterial infection diagnoses and treatments). Please and thank you.

Want to help the nonhuman victims of the recent flash floods and landslides in Brazil but don’t know where to start? Check out this roundup of resources I compiled over at my other pad: 2011 Brazil Mudslides: Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief Resources.

Have you ever seen the web series Epic Meal Time? (Hint: it’s almost like a parody of the Food Network’s most obnoxious, testosterone-driven, artery-clogging, meat-loving hipster d-bag cooking show, whatever that may be. (Don’t ask me, I don’t watch such ridiculousness!) Almost, but not quite. Apparently people actually recreate some of those recipes, WTF!) No? Well that’s okay, cause Vegan Meal Time is hilarious either way. Basically it’s like a spoof/response to EMT, with plenty of self-referential vegan jokes thrown in for good measure.

Read vegansaurus’s rundown here, and then subscribe to Getting Friendly’s YouTube channel here. I’ve embedded my favorite of the two vids below.



Saturday Garbage Plate: Ain’t No Party Like a Scranton Party*

February 19th, 2011 11:25 am by Kelly

vegan pizza

A slice of vegan pie from Viva Herbal Pizzeria.
CC image via Flickr user roboppy.

Happy THREE DAY WEEKEND, peeps! This totally calls for a VEGAN PIZZA PARTY! (But then, doesn’t everything, hmmmm?)

Shane and I are gonna try experimenting with a potato pizza this weekend. (Ew, pervert, not like that.) How ’bout you?

Contests & giveaways! vegansaurus! is giving away one copy of The Happy Herbivore Cookbook; just leave a comment on the blog to win. Also, like Paw Prints: The Magazine’s FB page by 2/27/11 and you’ll be entered tp win a Magellan RoadMate 3065 GPS system.

Spay & Neuter Kansas City spayed and neutered 129 dogs and cats and provided over $1,950 in spay neuter subsidy assistance this week alone. Way to go, guys and gals!

10 things everyone should know about vegans. Bullet point numero uno: we rock.

On that note, I have an uber-important announcement: I HAVE OFFICIALLY MASTERED THE ART OF THE VEGAN TWINKIE!

2011-02-15 - Twinkies! - 0004\

And so can you – just follow this recipe from Shmooed Food! It’s easy, yo! And delicious. Soooooo delicious….

Tip: for extra creamy goodness, ram a chopstick completely through the Twinkie before injecting the cream; this will allow for maximum fill. Sideways (at three points) is easier than lengthwise, especially if you’re working with a blunt instrument.

If yer doin’ it rite, you should be able to see the top of the Twinkie puff up with cream. If you’re especially lucky, some cream will even make it all the way through and spurt out the other side. It’s like a volcano of yum, y’all!

That’s all I have to report this week, folks. What’s going on in your corner of the interwebs?

* I was gonna do a play on this phrase – involving vegan pizza, natch – but once I remembered The Office’s remix, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And now by the transitive properties of YouTube, I shall curse you similarly. Muahahahaha!

Recipe: Kelly’s Loaded Tomato Lover’s Pizza

February 15th, 2011 12:00 pm by Kelly

2011-01-29 - Vegan Pizza Day! - 0028


As promised, here’s the recipe for the pizza I had on Vegan Pizza Day. In contrast to Shane, who’s all about hot, fiery spices (seriously, just check out his Red Hot, Heart-Shaped Pizza recipe!), I’m a bit of a tomato monster. Fresh, canned, frozen, marinated, pulverized, liquefied, sun-dried: I love them all! Pizza and pasta, pasta and pizza – I could live on nothing but, and it’s not just because of the carbs. (Carbs, delicious carbs!)

So it’s no surprise that this recipe features four different kinds of tomatoes, namely: saucy, sun-dried, canned and powdered. Tomatoes in the crust + tomatoes on the crust = a very happy Kelly. Now if only Daiya would make a smokey sun-dried tomato flavor…



1 cup warm water (110 degrees F / 45 degrees C)
1 tablespoon sugar
2 1/4 tablespoons active dry yeast
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1-2 tablespoons tomato powder
2 teaspoons basil

Cornmeal or cooking spray with which to coat the pizza stone or pizza pan


Pizza sauce
Mozzarella Daiya cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes
Lightlife Smart Pepperoni
Black olives

About 1 cup’s worth of this Loaded Baked Potato, Canadian Pizza Style topping, minus the Smart Bacon and with added diced carrots, i.e.:

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 cups diced tomatoes, canned or fresh
2 cups mushrooms, canned or fresh
1/2 cup black olives
1 cup diced carrots


Saturday Garbage Plate (on a Sunday!): Can you taste the love on your plate?

February 13th, 2011 11:05 am by Kelly

Vegan Pizza!

Vegan pizza, topped with mozzarella Follow Your Heart Cheese and pineapple rings.
CC image via Flickr user tehbieber.

Wow, I totally flaked out and forgot to do the link roundup yesterday, didn’t I? I blame the craptabulous weather, which is slowly turning my brain into mush. Luckily, the temps in Kansas City should be warming this week, and I am super-psyched to spend some time outdoors with my five BDFs! (Best Dog Friends!) Also good: these links are just as delicious when served one day late. NOM!

(By the by, can you believe that the National Organization for Marriage has totally coopted this acronym for its hateful group? “NOM” should stand for all that is beautiful and yummy in the world. Denying GLBTQ folks their human and civil rights? Not so much. For shame!)

Contests and giveaways! Over at Vegan Planet, Robin Robertson is giving away a copy of her cookbook Vegan Fire and Spice; the deadline to enter is tonight, 2/13. Also, So Delicious is holding a “100 Days of Change Giveaway” on Facebook, with a different prize (and winner) each day!

Of course, don’t forget to vote in the 1st Annual Vegan Valentine Contest at Cook. Vegan. Lover. (I’m not saying that you should vote for me; just vote, mkay?) You have until tonight at 9PM EST!

Spay & Neuter Kansas City “is in desperate need of dry cat food and litter donations!! If you can help out in any way, drop your donations off at 1116 E. 59th street! Our kitties on out Pet Outreach Program will purr with JOY!”

Did you know that you can opt out of receiving the Yellow Pages now? It’s true! Welcome to 2001, y’all!

The SF vegan blog vegansaurus! has a guest post from St. Louis vegan Liz Miller, who gives us a tour of the vegan food options in that other Missouri city. Check it: Vegan in St. Louis: because you might have a connecting flight cancelled here someday.

2011-02-10 - Dog Treats & Book Piles - 0017

Pink Valentine’s Day biscuits that I made for my dog loves!
(& lovingly photographed on an animal-themed book pile.)
Recipe and details here.

Valentines Day! Whatever your plans for tomorrow, make them as cruelty-free as possible, yes? If you’re still shopping around for edible goodies, please use the Food Empowerment Project’s Chocolate List as a guide. Better yet, give your sweetie some handcrafted sweets, made by you with love (and vegan, fair trade chocolate, of course!). May I suggest peanut butter cups, coconut bonbons, rocky road bark, or chocolate covered pretzels? Or perhaps some chocolate-shaped vulvas for the vegan feminist in your life? (Oooh, me me! Pick me!)

Even a romantic vegan dinner at home, followed by a butter cream cake, would make for a nice surprise. For some ideas, check out VegWeb’s holiday page, as well as this guide to heart-shaped foods (hello, pizza!) from VegNews.

On the flower front, why not opt for living plants rather than decaying, pesticide-soaked, factory-farmed bouquets? (I’m partial to cacti, myself.) Or, if you simply must buy roses, think organic. VegNews also suggests making your own eco-friendly bouquet out of recycled paper, Martha Stewart styley. Finally, packets of heirloom seeds are a nice gift idea for gardeners. Plus, they serve as a much-needed reminder that spring is right around the corner. (And after that: summer!)

As always, I ♥ vegan etsy!

Also: these Vegantine’s Day Strawberry Love Bugs! from Wing-It Vegan.

(And yes, I totally cribbed the last few paragraphs from this post. That’s okay though, cause I wrote it, so it’s not stealing. Just cheating! You should also totally check out the v-day post I wrote a few years back, about pampering your nonhuman friends on this most cheesiest and manufactured of holidays.)

Finally, this week’s Valentines Day-themed video comes from Farm Sanctuary:


Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary – Ep. 5: Love on the Farm
On episode five of our Sanctuary Tails blog video series, Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary, National Shelter Director Susie Coston talks about love on the farm in honor of Valentine’s Day and introduces us to some very special bonded pairs, including Bing and Bessie — two incredible geese who have lived at Farm Sanctuary for 25 years. You’ll also get to meet some of our pig, goat and chicken friends too!

Love, it’s a beautiful thing. Ditto: compassion and respect.