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Vegan Pizza from Whole Foods

Vegan pizza from Whole Foods!
CC image via flickr user macappsaddict.

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Recipe: Vegan Thanksgiving Pizza with all the fixings!

November 26th, 2011 1:36 pm by Kelly

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0028

Thanksgiving pizza, get in my belly!

Vegan Thanksgiving Pizza with all the fixings! I first got the idea for a Thanksgiving pizza when I saw a photo of one available at Whole Foods. Mine is way more awesome, though: the only seasonal thing about Whole Foods’s version is that it’s topped with stuffing, whereas I went all out: mashed potatoes, gravy, Tofurky, mixed veggies, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Suck on that, John Mackey! (No really, it’s delicious! Suck and slurp and chomp away.)

In preparation for the holiday, Shane and I did a test run last week. While the finished product was yum-tastic, our execution proved less than stellar. I thought I could use the gravy as a sauce – putting it down first the way you do with red sauce – and layer the tofurky slices, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and extra gravy on top. Alas, the gravy interacted with the dough in the most heinous of ways, softening it up and causing it to lose its structure and integrity. Meanwhile, spreading the mashed potatoes on top of the Tofurky was an exercise in futility (the gravy made ’em slip and slide!), and as an added bonus, the weight of the potatoes forced the gravy out and down the sides of the pizza. (Gravy everywhere!) By the time we got to the top layer, we were in such a hurry that we only added carrots instead of our planned trio of veggies. ’twas hot, delicious mess all around.

For our second attempt, we mixed the mashed potatoes with the gravy so the base layer of the pizza would be thicker and – hopefully – more stable. We also made them well ahead of time, so that they’d be nice and cool by the time we actually assembled the pizza. And it worked! Although spreading mashed potatoes on pizza dough is a little messy no matter how you slice it, it was a huge improvement over our first try. This vegan Thanksgiving pizza features a layer of garlic and chive mashed potatoes mixed with gravy, followed by Tofurky deli slices, a light drizzle of gravy, and carrots, sweet corn and green beans. (The only thing I’d do different in the future is put the Tofurky down before the mashed potatoes, so that the slices don’t get so crispy.)

We wanted to incorporate stuffing into the pizza, but couldn’t think of a way to cook it on the pie, since the breadcrumbs need to bake in vegetable broth and all. So instead we gave the crust a hint of stuffing flavor by infusing it with veggie broth. And, for good measure: we served stuffing on the side, along with cranberry sauce, extra gravy, and mashed potatoes and mixed veggies (both leftover toppings from the pizza). Dessert featured a razzleberry pie topped with a scoop (or two!) of vanilla soy ice cream. Both store-bought, because we were exhausted enough after making the main course!

Too many carbs? NEVER.

More eye candy – and recipes for most everything pictured! – below.

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0058

Two slices down, six to go!

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0044

Shane’s plate; he slathered his stuffing in cranberry sauce.

2011-11-24 - Ice cream with cranberries - 0005

Personally, cranberry sauce – being sweet and sugary and all – strikes me as more of dessert item. Which is why I enjoyed a few spoonfuls with a bowl of vanilla ice cream
while waiting for the dough to rise! But I digress…

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0037

My plate! “Gravy” is the word of the day, dontchknow.

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0051

The only time it’s acceptable to eat a pizza with a fork is when it’s
a) covered in mashed potatoes or b) a deep dish pie of some kind.

2011-11-24 - Thanksliving pizza - 0053

Licking my plate clean!

2011-11-24 - Razzleberry pie & ice cream - 0001

Bring out the pie!

2011-11-24 - Razzleberry pie & ice cream - 0007

Pizza & ice cream, could a more perfect pairing exist?


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2011-11-20 - Thanksgiving Pizza (test) - 0014

Experimenting with a Thanksliving pizza!
(And yes, there will be a recipe.)

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Saturday Garbage Plate, 2011-11-19

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September 7

My vegan pizza, what big, beautiful veggies you have!
CC image via flickr user drkscrtlv.

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Saturday Garbage Plate, 2011-11-12

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2011-10-26 - Angel Wings Pizza - 0007


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