Find-a-Friend Friday: Nibbles

January 11th, 2013 11:14 am by Kelly

Nibbles hearts carrots.
Photo courtesy of the Lawrence Humane Society.


The Lawrence Humane Society always has the cutest “pocket pets” available for adoption, and Nibbles is no exception! Nibbles is a white and tan Rex mix rabbit (whatever that means – I don’t really know bunnies) with the chubbiest little wattle you’ve ever seen.

Rex Mix: An adoptable rabbit in Lawrence, KS
Medium • Young • Female

There is a $15 adoption fee for this pet.

This is just one of many rabbits at the Lawrence Humane Society who is looking for a home right now. Come visit this bunny and many others in the handheld pets room!

More about Nibbles
Pet ID: H12-0032 • Primary colors: White, Brown or Chocolate • Coat length: Short

If Nibbles isn’t quite your speed, the Lawrence HS currently has two other rabbits available, as well as a horse (a Shetland pony! not exactly handheld but less traditional than cats and dogs, to be sure.) and a rat. They love unusual animals, which is why you should show them some love, okay?

Find-a-Friend Friday: Cricket

January 13th, 2012 11:47 am by Kelly


Cricket the rabbit!
Photo courtesy of Riley County Humane Society Inc..


Happy Friday the 13th, y’all! I was going to feature a black cat in honor of the occasion, until I realized that last week’s friend (CAMPBELL!) was a blackish/brownish/dark kitty. So let’s make it a black bunny instead. Why not!

Cricket is a lionhead rabbit who was found as a stray and is currently living at the Riley County Humane Society in Manhattan, Kansas. I know, the “Little Apple” is a bit of a drive for the Kansas Citians in the house, but what’s fours hours when we’re talking true love? Besides, Cricket needs you!


Lionhead: An adoptable rabbit in Manhattan, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

Cricket is a beautiful coal black female Lionhead. She was found in a parking lot and a kind-hearted Good Samaritan saved her. She is a calm bunny who enjoys being with people and will even tolerate being picked up. RCHS rabbits live in loving foster homes where they are litterbox trained, spayed/neutered, socialized, given sufficient exercise outside of their cage, and fed a diet of grass hay and Timothy pellets to maintain a healthy weight. If you are interested in adopting this rabbit, please contact our Exotics Foster Coordinator, Amy, at

More about Cricket
Pet ID: Cricket • Spayed/Neutered • House trained • Primary color: Black • Coat length: Long


Help a lady out. Contact the RCHS today!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Smudge and Poppy

September 30th, 2011 11:17 am by Kelly


Smudge and Poppy the rabbits!
Photo courtesy of Missouri House Rabbit Society – Kansas City.

People! Did you know that, at any given time, there are dozens of rabbits available for adoption in the KC area? It’s true! While dogs and cats may represent the majority of nonhuman animals awaiting adoption in shelters and rescue programs, “pocket pets” (not to mention farmed animals) need love too! If you’re looking to adopt a rabbit, the best places to start are LJ’s Briar Patch and the Missouri House Rabbit Society – but rabbits can turn up most anywhere. The Lawrence Humane Society frequently features smaller animals, like rabbits and rats, and currently there’s even one rabbit in the Kansas City Animal Shelter (say hi, Bullseye!). That’s no place for a bunny now, is it?

Smudge and Poppy are just two of the many rabbits searching for their forever homes on Petfinder:

Smudge and Poppy
Hotot Mix: An adoptable rabbit in Greenwood, MO
Small • Adult • Male

Smudge and Poppy Smudge is a sweet and soft little hopper. As you can see he is very cute as well. He is ready to go home to a loving family who will take care of him. Smudge was just bonded with a beautiful chocolate Dutch bunny named Poppy. They are a very happy couple. If you would like to meet Smudge and his mate Poppy, contact us at

More about Smudge and Poppy
Spayed/Neutered • Prefers a home without: young children

By adopting, you not only give a discarded rabbit a second chance at life, but you also free up a spot so that another rabbit can be brought into the foster home or shelter. If you’re thinking about welcoming a rabbit into your home, why not give these guys a look?

Find-a-Friend Friday: Lady (is a rabbit!)

June 3rd, 2011 10:22 am by Kelly


Lady – a fluffy, blue/gray dwarf rabbit – poses for her portrait.
She sits surrounded by all manner of adorable props, including a miniature pink bike,
pink and yellow flowers and assorted fruit. So cute!
Photos courtesy of the Lawrence Humane Society.

Lady is a beautiful little dwarf rabbit who is currently staying at the Lawrence Humane Society in Lawrence, Kansas. At just three or four years old, this girl still has at least half her life ahead of her. Hopefully this next chapter will be a happy one; can you help by giving her a home and some tender loving care?


Dwarf: An adoptable rabbit in Lawrence, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

Lady, being a fertile female rabbit, is a bit stand-offish at first. But with time, she’ll build trust and make for a wonderful pet. We encourage owners to get female rabbits spayed which helps to make them become more affectionate and easy-going. She will need much socialization, and thus we recommend her only to households with experience in caring for rabbits. Lady is probably not suited for people with young children.

Rabbits make fantastic house pets since they are quiet, can be litter-trained, and enjoy living indoors with people. Because they are a smaller pet, some people assume they are good for children. However, they require careful attention and should not be handled without adult supervision. The House Rabbit Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about pet rabbits, is a great resource to learn more:

A rabbit’s environment and history with humans have a huge impact on their behavior. For this reason, rabbits from a shelter require patience so they may come out of their shell to be the wonderful pets they are. Regular socialization and exercise, in addition to medical care, are required. But you will find a rabbit to be very rewarding as a companion in your home.

This is just one of many small mammals at the Lawrence Humane Society shelter looking for a forever home right now. Come visit this pet and many others in the “handheld pets room,” at our shelter, 1805 E. 19th Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

More about Lady
Pet ID: XX-XXX • Prefers a home without: young children • Primary color: Blue or Gray

Lady’s even the star of her very own video, though you’ll have to visit her Petfinder listing to watch it as embedding is not enabled. That’s okay, you’re only one click away. Okay, three clicks. But still! Easy peasy!

Lady is just one of many rabbits currently available for adoption in the Kansas City area. With several groups dedicated to rescuing small mammals such as rabbits – including LJ’s Briar Patch in Shawnee Mission, Kansas and The Missouri House Rabbit Society – as well as dog/cat rescue groups and shelters that occasionally take in “pocket pets” (Olathe Animal Control, for example, is currently caring for a rabbit named Gertie), there’s no reason to purchase a rabbit from a breeder or pet store when so many are in need of homes! Save a life, gain a lifelong friend!