Find-a-Friend Friday: Radar (Love!)

April 8th, 2011 9:29 am by Kelly


Meet Radar, a chocolate-colored pit bull with beautiful brown eyes and the biggest, happiest smile
you’ve ever seen! And look how he wears that harness, oh so handsomely!
Photos via T.A.I.L.S.

Are you ready for some Radar Love?!? ‘Cause T.A.I.L.S. has got about 50 pounds of the stuff, all wrapped up in a cute pibble package, available for take out! As in, bring him home like yesterday!

Pit Bull Terrier Mix: An adoptable dog in Kansas City, MO
Medium • Adult • Male


I need a home. Foster or adopt me!

Radar is a sweet pit bull with huge bat ears. He is a loving companion and will do well in a home without smaller dogs and without cats. He is receptive to correction. Radar is a medium energy level dog and just wants to be around people. He wants nothing more than to snuggle on the couch and sleep in a comfy bed. Radar is house trained and kennel trained and listens very well. Radar needs a calm, assertive pack leader to truly shine! He responds well to leadership, and will need to go to a home (foster or adoptive) that understands that and is willing to work with him. Above all though, Radar is a sweet as can be boy. Can you help him?

Can you offer Radar the forever home he is looking for? Fill out an application today!

Don’t think you can offer Radar a home? Won’t you sponsor him instead then? You can sponsor Radar through our website at

More about Radar
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Prefers a home without: cats



If oversized, sickly sweet dogs aren’t your thing (WTF NOT!?!), T.A.I.L.S. is also in need of foster and/or adoptive homes for some undersized, sickly sweet shepherd mix pups who were found, abandoned in the February cold with mange, and subsequently relinquished to T.A.I.L.S. by a kind vet who refused to “euthanize” (read: kill) them. Jolly, Patches, and Tootie are their names – and, like Radar, I bet love is their game! Also: actual games. Dogs are the shiz like that, yo!

Saturday Garbage Plate: Always add (vegan) cheese. ALWAYS.*

April 2nd, 2011 11:52 am by Kelly


I don’t know about you, but I bathe in mozzarella Follow Your Heart.
(What? Cheddar would just be silly!)

Here’s a roundup of the seven delicious, vegan recipes we featured on twitter this week. For even more oozy, gooey vegan pizza not-porn, follow us on tumblr, too – fuck yeah vegan pizza – and share your own pizza nomz if you got ’em!

Contests and giveaways! Continuing with its Vegan Bucket List theme, VegNews is giving away a Matt & Nat handbag made from recycled water bottles. How cool is that!?! (Answer: very.) Enter to win here.

Also, Spay & Neuter Kansas City announced its upcoming “Where’s Mowgley?” contest this week. SNKC’s newest mascot, Mowgley the stuffed dog, will be photographed around town starting April 7th. The first reader to guess his location wins a prize. Contest rules & regulations are available here.

In other animal-related news, check out Wayside Waifs’ Waifs of the Week. Lauren, Yukiko and Penguin – so cute! I wish I could adopt them all!

pizza night

Even without cheese, vegan pizza night is the best night of the week!
CC image via flickr user tofutti break.

Hey, Hollyweird! (Oh how I amuse myself!) Eat at Pizza Fusion tomorrow, mention ARME, and ARME gets a cut of the profits! Do it! Deets here.

Did you hear the news? Paula Deen is going vegan! Psych!

Last but not least, VegNews has a great roundup of all the vegan and vegan-friendly fundraisers benefiting the quake and tsunami survivors in Japan: Vegans Support Japan. Don’t forget to bookmark my own hub, Disaster Relief in Japan: Animal Rescue & Vegan/Animal-Friendly Resources, which I continue to update several times a week.

* Joking, obvs. Using cheese as an exfoliant is just plain wasteful!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Pearl

April 1st, 2011 10:38 am by Kelly


Pearl, a white, tan and gray Calico kitty, gazes nonchalantly into the camera.
“Take me or leave, human, I am awesome either way!”
Photos via Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue.


Based in Chicago, Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue is a no-kill rescue group that also advocates for veganism and animal rights! In addition to rescuing and rehoming companion animals (so far, cats, dogs and mice!) and supporting trap-neuter-return programs for feral animals, BSAR offers a variety of workshops and engages in vegan outreach. Its members are actively engaged in human rights/social justice movements, too. (Remember Team Vegan Vixens, which will be bowling for abortions in the Abortion Funds’s upcoming Abortion Bowl-a-Thon? Three of the six Vixens are board members at BSAR!)

Though BSAR operates just a wee bit outside of our regular geographic zone, I’d like to introduce you to Pearl, their cat of the month! Having been waiting for her forever home for more than a year and a half, Pearl is BSAR’s longest resident. Pearl’s story is a sad one; she was abandoned at at early age, became pregnant, and was rescued along with her family…but later lost some of her kittens to FIP. Eventually Pearl made her way to BSAR (yay!); while the remaining kittens were all adopted, mom was overlooked (boo!).

Here’s what BSAR has to say about Pearl:


Pearl (Please take me home!)
Dilute Calico Mix: An adoptable cat in Chicago, IL
Medium • Adult • Female



***March, 2011- Pearl is the cat of the month! This sweet girl has been with us the longest of anyone, over a year and half – that’s not her fault, we weren’t advertising her well because her foster home wanted to take her! Her adoption fee is reduced by $30 to help her find a home!***

Pearl is a beautiful young lady, a little over two years old. Extremely opinionated and talkative, she loves being pet and hanging out with you – especially on your chest if you’re laying down or your back if you’re bent over! We believe she’d do best as an addition to a home with few other animals (if any at all) who will leave her alone most of the time.

Pearl loves to play, especially with her cat-sized foam soccer ball. This girl is fast and entertaining to watch! She loves when you join in the game by throwing the ball for her.

Unfortunately, Pearl was abandoned at a young age by her human “family” when they moved and became pregnant at just a few months old. A rescuer took her, her boyfriend & kittens out of the house they were abandoned in, they were all basically skin & bones… Things were looking up until her whole young family came down with FIP. Two kittens died, but the remaining 3 survived along with their parents (since both Pearl and her boyfriend were young, they had symptoms also).

As it often sadly goes, her kittens were adopted but their mother was overlooked. Can you open you heart to this girl who needs to be shown love so desperately?

All of our kitties are microchipped (which will be registered at no extra cost at the time of adoption), up to date on their shots, spayed or neutered, have had preventative care (including parasite treatment) and treatment for any illness while in our care- plus, one month of free pet insurance!

Please email broadshouldersrescue [at] or call 773-320-2753 to set up an appointment to meet one of our friendly cats!

More about Pearl (Please take me home!)
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained

Look! Pearl’s even the star of her very own adoption vid on youtube!

Throughout the month of March BSAR made a push to get this lovely lady adopted, but so far no luck. Let’s see if we can change that, kay? Spread the word – if you live in or near Chicago and are looking for a new feline friend (or know someone who is!), please consider Pearl.

And wherever you reside, please make a donation to BSAR if you can. They do great work on a shoestring budget, and are currently hosting a drive on ChipIn to help raise money for medical supplies, veterinary fees and the like. So far they’ve raised 10% of their $3,000 goal, with $2,700 left to go – any amount will help!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Woozelnaree

March 25th, 2011 10:44 am by Kelly


Woozelnaree, a brown and white masked bandit ferret!
Photos via Wayside Waifs.

Ferrets! It’s not often that I feature ferrets in this here space, ’cause there aren’t usually of whole lot of the little buggers available for adoption – or at least not locally – and those who are, are usually listed through the Kansas City Ferret Hotline. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; not at all! I just like to highlight a wide variety of animal rescue groups, too.

Woozelnaree is currently staying at Wayside Waifs, which you probably know through its dog and cat rescue and educational activities. In the several years that I’ve been writing this column, Woozelnaree is the first ferret I’ve ever seen at Wayside. Here’s what they have to say about the little guy:


Ferret: An adoptable ferret in Kansas City, MO
Medium • Young • Male

Hi, I’m Woozelnaree! I’m a very handsome guy looking for a home to call my own. I’m a very well mannered ferret, and I’m usually easy to handle. I love to explore my surroundings and watch everything going on around me. Of course, I always want to join in on all the fun and mischief.

Are you familiar with ferrets? If not, let me enlighten you with some ferret facts. According to a popular ferret website, we are “the third most common uncaged pets in North America today.” How cool is that? That means more and more people are “ferret proofing” their homes and letting us live cage free. Once we are litter boxed trained and you have ferret proofed your home, you can let your ferret roam free around him/her room. Of course, you’ll want to keep my living area free of debris that I could ingest! And you’ll want to watch where you step or move things, just to keep me out of harms way. I’m very gregarious, and I love meeting new people. Ferrets are very social pets, and we often do well with being kept with other ferrets. What is life without a best friend?

Now you should know that I do have my faults. I am a bit of a kleptomaniac! Sorry, but it’s true! I’ll take whatever I can fit in my mouth and make off with it as quickly as I can. Don’t be surprised while you’re cleaning if you find my stockpile of stolen things. Those things may or many not include your long forgotten missing sock, a dryer sheet, a cat toy, a roll of stamps, some of your childrens’ toys, a dog toy, and the drain stopper to your tub. Consider yourself warned! And sometimes, just sometimes, we ferrets get a little excited and will give you a love nip. It usually doesn’t hurt much, but it is one of the ways we explore our world and surroundings. So if you aren’t comfortable helping me learn good play manners, than I may not be the right pet for you. If I still sound like your perfect pet, come make me yours today! I can’t wait to meet you! Ask to meet me, Woozelnaree, today!

Click here to see all the animals at Wayside Waifs. Please call our Adoptions Department if you are interested in this animal to make certain he/she is still available for adoption! ADOPTION INFORMATION: All Wayside Waifs pets are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations prior to adoption. Please note that in order to make the best match possible, potential adopters must come to the Wayside Waifs in person to meet with an adoption counselor and complete the adoption process. All members of the household (including other pets, if possible) should be present to ensure the chosen pet is compatible with everyone. We do not place holds or do adoptions over the phone and we do not ship pets.

More about Woozelnaree
Pet ID: A12490796 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Primary color: Black • Coat length: Short

Well, you heard the man. Call Wayside Waifs! Now!

Saturday Garbage Plate: Silly Sweet Pizza

March 19th, 2011 2:34 pm by Kelly

Home made Vegan Pizza

Home made Vegan Pizza with Soy based monterey jack cheese,
chickpeas, mushrooms, broccoli, and red peppers.
CC image via Flickr user cisc1970.

This week in vegan pizza nomz!

Contests and giveaways! text ADOPT to 90999 RIGHT NOW and you could win this adorable tee from Best Friends Animal Society; I Eat Trees is gifting a bottle of Bee-Free Vegan Honee (which I hear is SWEET!) to one lucky reader; this week’s VegNews giveaway involves a super-shiny $100 MooShoes shopping spree; and last but not least, Vegan Appetite has a spare ticket to Vida Vegan Con that you could totally win! Good luck!

2003-03-15 - Peedee's LL Dog Rescue Listing

Tuesday was our furkid Peedee’s eighth Adoption Day! We love you, Peedee Monster!

As promised, I spent much of the past week working on a ginormous guide to disaster relief resources in Japan. While much of the focus is on animal rescue groups, I cover some of the more popular humanitarian groups as well. (In a nuthshell: yay, Doctors Without Borders! nay, Red Cross!) Here you can also find tips on choosing a charity, links to action alerts, details about vegan fundraisers, newsletters and more. Check it: Disaster Relief in Japan: Animal Rescue & Vegan/Animal-Friendly Resources @ V for Vegan.
Planned Parenthood’s Truth Tour rolled through Springfield, MO yesterday; today it will pass through Columbus and St. Louis! The Springfield Examiner reports,

Yesterday evening, Phelps Grove Park was host to the 2011 Planned Parenthood Truth Tour. Things kicked off with grassroots organizer, Crystal Brigman. Other speakers included Sara Lampe and Rev. John Andrews. Rep. Sara Lampe, an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood, stated, “Last year, Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri cared for 51,000 women, men and teens. Planned Parenthood provided 55,000 STI tests, 9,900 HIV tests, expanded HPV vaccine services for men, and educated 9,400 teens, parents and community members regarding issues of sexual health.”

Here are some photos from the event:

To see if your city’s on the list, check out the schedule. You can also sign Planned Parenthood’s letter to Congress and make a donation via the Truth Tour blog.

That’s it for this week, folks. What’s going down in your neck of the woods?