Find-a-Friend Friday: Marley

December 9th, 2011 4:32 pm by Kelly


Marley enjoys cuddling with her feline foster sibling!
Photos courtesy of Heart of America Newfoundland Rescue.

Marley! What a ginormous, goofy ball of fur! I chose to feature Marley this week because the picture of her spooning with the cat just melted my heart. I mean really, how cute and adorable can one dog be!?! Also, did I mention that one of her legs was amputated when she was just 10 days old? Yup, Marley’s a tripod! She and her mom (I wonder what happened to mom? The rescue group doesn’t say!) were kept as “outdoor dogs” and thus so many everyday experiences are new to Marley: toys. Cats. Human affection. Dog beds. Tiled floors. Wouldn’t it be fun to see it all through Marley’s eyes, and to share in these discoveries with her? Do it! Adopt Marley! Celebrate Christmas together this year!



Newfoundland Dog: An adoptable dog in Kansas City, MO
Extra Large • Young • Female

Marley is a 2 year old, purebred, spayed female, Newfoundland. She is a very pretty young lady that needs a special home. She has been here for approximately 2 weeks and has shown great progress. Marley will be three years old in March and this is the first time she has ever been on the inside of a house, the first collar, first time with a cat, first time in a crate, and also the first time riding in a vehicle with the exception of riding in a car when she was 10 days old. This is also the first time that Marley has been separated from her mother. She has bonded very strongly with me and does not like for me to be out of her sight. This length of time has already grown longer.

Originally Marley would not step foot inside the house and had to be carried in. Marley is a little unsure of new surfaces to walk on and has some problems with traction on new surfaces. Marley has a special problem of only having 3 legs. Her back leg was amputated when she was just 10 days old and she starts off very cautiously with floors that may be slippery. By the end of the first day she felt secure running on carpet and I placed a throw rug to cover the area of linoleum that was exposed. By the 3rd day she was avoiding the throw rug because it would slip under her feet when she hurried. She was smart enough to figure out to cut the corner sharper to avoid the rug. She is now feeling comfortable enough that she will run across the linoleum but sometimes forgets that she cant turn sharply or stop fast. She has also learned how to use the dog ramp. One of our next projects will be mastering the stairs.

The first week Marley was pretty much in shock by everything new. She would growl at my dogs, growled at my boyfriend and didnt want anything close to me. And yes, she even growled at the cat. I was very concerned about this behavior at first until we finally figured out that she was resource guarding. Since that time Marley has been settling in and adjusting pretty quickly. Right now she will run between my dogs outside and not make a peep. Yesterday she met my son and two granddaughters. She barked appropriately at strangers coming into the house and as soon as they talked to her she flipped over in her crate and started crying for attention. Shes been great with the girls here and they are 7 and 10 years old. She has also adopted the cat as her pet. One of her favorite things to do is to lie down on the deck and cuddle with the cat.

Marley still does not care for my dogs to approach me inside of the house, but that is only if I am staying in one spot. When I am walking through the house she mixes right in with my two Newfs. She also loves to lay down by my feet wherever I am at in the house. She just wants to be close to me.

Marley previously lived her life in an outdoor pen with her mother. She was let out of the pen at times to run loose in the yard. She has never had much of the personal human attention that she craves so much. Marley does not know how to play with toys but is starting to learn that as well.

She has some areas of hair that are shorter now since the big mats have been shaved off. She has also been spayed, de-wormed and up to date on shots. She also sleeps quietly in the crate in the bedroom all night. We are still working at potty training and she tries really hard to do all of her duties when outside. With the length of time I am gone at work she still has an occasional potty accident in the crate.

Marley is spayed, vaccinated and current on heartworm medication.

Our adoption fee is $250.00. A fenced yard with a minimum height of 4-feet is required for adoption.

If you plan on submitting an application and you are out of our region, once your application is approved we require that you come to our area to meet the dog and foster family. If that goes well you will be able to take your Newfie home with you.

To request a application or contact us with any questions please use the email link below.

More about Marley
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Primary colors: Black, White or Cream • Coat length: Long