Find-a-Friend Friday: Bo & Scrappy

December 21st, 2012 11:20 am by Kelly

Bo & Scrappy, the cutest boys on the block.
Photos courtesy of Midwest Pug Rescue.


Like so many of the animals on Petfinder, brothers Bo and Scrappy found themselves homeless when their elderly humans were no longer able to care for them. These guys love one another and need to find a new home together, which makes their prospects that much more dismal – most folks are only interested in adopting one dog at a time. If you’re thinking about adopting, please consider a bonded pair. Not only do you save twice the animals, you also spare them the pain of lifelong friendship severed.

No more goodbyes, only hellos. Warm, wet, sloppy hellos!

Bo & Scrappy
Pug: An adoptable dog in Overland Park, KS
Small • Adult • Male

Bo and Scrappy are 4 and 7 year old brothers. Their elderly owners had to move into assisted living so the boys need a new home. They are both as precious as can be. Bo is a small apricot and Scrappy is a large light fawn pug. They are getting neutered/shots and dentals so they will be good as new soon. They are pretty attached so we would really like to keep them together.

More about Bo & Scrappy
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots