Find-a-Friend Friday: Forrest and Jenny

March 18th, 2011 5:24 pm by Kelly



Forrest (top) and Jenny (bottom), a beautiful pair of black and white German Wirehaired Pointers, each sticks their noses through the chain-link fences enclosing their respective kennels. Insert your very best “box of chocolates” joke here (just so long as you bring these sweeties home!).
Photo courtesy German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue Inc..

Forrest and Jenny, oh my dog. Their names alone are enough to slay you with both sweetness and sorrow! This bonded pair of youngsters – big, silly German Wirehaired Pointers, them both – are currently staying with German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue Inc., which would like to keep them together. Obvs.


Forrest-Family Dog
German Wirehaired Pointer: An adoptable dog in Olathe, KS
Large • Young • Male

Forrest and Jenny are here. They are lovely dogs that would be good for a family. They have very good manners, and are a moderate energy. They are very connected to one another, and do well. They are fully vetted, microchipped, and ready to start their new lives. He is also said to around 18 months old. Jenny is approximately 12 months old. I can tell Forrest has raised Jenny.

More about Forrest-Family Dog
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Prefers a home without: cats • Primary color: Brown or Chocolate • Coat length: Medium



Jenny-Family Dog
German Wirehaired Pointer: An adoptable dog in Olathe, KS
Medium • Baby • Female

Now Mom has written about me below, but I can tell you I am a dream. I would be good with children, and not many of us are. We like to jump up and play rough, but not me. I am a really sweet little girl. I would love to go on walks, car rides, and be someone’s lap doggie. Forrest really loves me, and I am his side kick, but Mom feels I would get on with most any dog….Please see the website to fill out an application

Signed, Jenny!

Jenny and Forrest both have excellent manners, no jumping up, seem to be house broken…someone has loved them, but Jenny seems to be very gunshy. Well, well….why does that not surprise me? I believe they were let go or left in the field, they are sweet golden retriever types in a wire suit. Jenny is new to rescue…she is a moderate middle of the road energy sweet GWP that is 12 months old. She and Forrest get along extremely well, and adore each other.. She is a sweetheart, and has had all vetting. She is microchipped, crate trained and good on leash! Please see our website for all requirements and info on adopting.

More about Jenny-Family Dog
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Prefers a home without: cats • Primary colors: White or Cream, Brown or Chocolate • Coat length: Short

Unlike some of our recent features, Forrest and Jenny are located close to Kansas City, in Olathe, Kansas. If you don’t have a dog and are thinking about adopting one, why not consider two? You won’t even need to think of a cute set of matching names!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Charles and Darwin

March 11th, 2011 10:11 am by Kelly


Charles (left) and Darwin (right), a pair of bicolor and albino (respectively) rats, cuddle together under a pink piece of cloth, heads peaking out with curiosity. So cute and cozy!
Photos courtesy T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter.

Oh my dog, if you’ve been following this feature for any amount of time, then I don’t have to tell you how much I adore rats! That’s right: RATS! They are cute and cuddly and curious and sweet and just full of love and fun. (Also: rainbows, unicorns and Dandies.) Unfortunately, with five dogs and two cats, I’m afraid that rats, mice, and other tiny creatures would not be long in my house, so I am relegated to cooing over them on Petfinder. And telling you to adopt them already!

Darwin and Charles are the rats of the day. Currently staying at the T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter in Manhattan, Kansas (a two-hour drive west of KCMO, right past Topeka), Darwin and Charles are two rat friends in need of a home. Tag! You’re it! (I kid, I kid. Or maybe not?)

Darwin & Charles
Rat: An adoptable rat in Manhattan, KS
Small • Adult • Male

Charles and Darwin were surrendered to the shelter to find a home that actually has the time for them. Charles and Darwin are friendly and happy fellows. Charles is the bicolor and Darwin is the albino.

More about Darwin & Charles
Pet ID: 30435-6 • Primary colors: White, Black • Coat length: Short

If, for some strange reason, you are in need of further convincing, just look at these faces!



Charles (top) and Darwin (bottom) WANT TO COME HOME WITH YOU!

These guys have been naturally selected for CUTENESS – with which they will KILL YOU unless you say yes to their demands! Luckily, these primarily involve a safe, loving home, plenty of toys, and all the veggie nomz they can eat. So you’d be a fool to deny them.

Saturday Garbage Plate: Vegan Protest Fuel

March 5th, 2011 12:22 pm by Kelly

vegan Peppers and Onions Pizza

Vegan pepper and onion pizza!
CC image via Flickr user thewickedgoodvegan.

As always, let’s get this Saturday Garbage Plate started with your weekly #NOM roundup!

Contests and giveaways! Fave Diets has one box of (organic, vegan, Kosher) Righteously Raw Chocolate bars up for grabs (Don’t enter, though, cause these babies are ALL MINE!); vegansaurus! is giving away a Lightlife gift basket (See: previous parentheses.); you can enter to win Sjaak’s new vegan candy bars at VegNews; and one lucky Vegan Appetite reader will snag a copy of The Natural Vegan Kitchen, courtesy of The Book Publishing Company.

Missouri residents: Help save Prop B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act! The MO state legislature is currently crafting legislation that would dismantle the measure, which was passed with 52% of the vote in November. Read more at, then take action. Sample letters are available from Missourians for the Protection of Dogs and Best Friends Animal Society.

Global residents: if you have any scratch to spare, please consider a donation to one of these lovely (vegan!) causes!

Vegan Protest Fuel is a brand spanking new project that was just launched this week. The good folks at VPF deliver vegan food to peaceful protesters defending their rights around the world. Their first campaign? Feeding “the tenacious heroes in Madison, WI, who are fighting to preserve their precious collective bargaining rights and for economic justice in their state against a radical conservative governor and assembly.”

Oh, how I love it when my veganism collides (happily!) with other social justice movements.

To learn more or make a donation, visit Vegan Protest Fuel’s Facebook page. Whether or not you’re able to donate, please like, share and spread the word!

Also, Team Vegan Vixens needs your support in the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! Held throughout the month of April,

The Bowl-a-Thon is a nationwide series of local events that allow community members (you!) to captain your own bowling team, participate in a kickass national event – and raise money to help women and girls pay for abortions they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Abortion Funds are local, grassroots groups that work tirelessly to help low-income and disadvantaged women who want an abortion and do not have enough money to pay for it. Abortion Funds help women pay for their abortions, help them buy bus or plane tickets, and even offer women a place to stay when they have to travel for an abortion. Abortion Funds make a difference in women’s lives…and you can join them!

Team Vegan Vixens is currently the top fundraiser for the Chicago Abortion Fund, which is #8 overall. Help Team Vegan (Vixens!) represent by pledging your support.

Vegan cookies are distributed

Vegan cookies are distributed at a Prop 8 rally in Riverside, CA, circa 2008.
CC image via Flickr user lierne.

Find-a-Friend Friday: Esme & Ester

February 18th, 2011 9:56 am by Kelly

The story of Esme & Ester (abridged, < 2 minutes). Doesn't the still shot just break your heart? YouTube video courtesy of Wayside Waifs.

When first I spied Esme in Wayside Waifs’ weekly newsletter (she was one of three “Waifs of the Week”), my eye was immediately drawn to her. Not because she’s gorgeous (though she totally is! such fluffy, snow-white fur – and so much of it, too!), but rather because I thought she was missing a leg. (Seriously, check out her photo! Do you see her front right leg?) And if you know me, you know that I have a soft spot for the hard luck cases.


Esme (left) and Ester (right), a pair of bonded, purebred American Eskimo dogs
available for adoption through Wayside Waifs.
Photos courtesy of Wayside Waifs.

Alas, all four of Esme’s legs are intact and functioning. Yet, Esme’s is still a “special needs” case. At 6 years old young, she’s hardly a shiny new pup anymore. Plus, she has a younger sis (Ester) with whom she’d desperately like to be adopted. As hard as it can be to place one dog in a happy new home, try two! To say that it’s doubly difficult is an understatement. And yet, this is just what the nice folks at Wayside Waifs are trying to do.

Here are Esme and Ester’s Petango listings, in order:

Name: Esme
Animal ID: 12242995
Breed: American Eskimo
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
No: Small Children
Size: Medium

Hello everyone! It’s me, Esme, a 6 year old purebred American Eskimo lover of a dog searching for a home of my own. I’m so cute and soft and sweet and cuddly, I will take your breath away! I sure hope you fall in love with me, because I’ve had it with life in a shelter and I want to go home!

At 20 pounds, I’m a perfect medium size to cozy up next to you on the couch. I’m not too big, not too small. And are you familiar with my breed? Well, besides our beauty, we’re known for being loyal and smart. You can’t go wrong with those qualities, can you?

I came to Wayside as a transfer from another shelter. Well, first I was surrendered to that other shelter, along with my sister, Ester, when our owner could no longer care for us. Living in one shelter was bad enough, then no one came for us so we were sent here. It’s almost too much to handle! My sister and I would like to be adopted out together since we have lived our lives together.

I’m sort of shy, at least until I get to know you and trust you. No, I’m not the life of the party and probably never will be, but if a sweet, quiet girl is more your style, then you won’t go wrong with me. I love to go for walks with the volunteers around the Wayside campus and they say I do really well with leash walking. And after our walks, a little cuddle time is definitely in order. Anything to keep from going back to my kennel!

In my new home, I’m looking for patience, understanding, attention, and love. Do you think you can give me all that? I’d like a new home without kids under the age of 12. They are scary and unpredictable to me and they make me nervous. Other dogs are ok, but please bring them to meet me before we all go home together.

I’m in the prime of my life and I deserve a home of my own with people who care about me. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Someone to care for us and someone to care about? That’s all I want. Please come to meet me soon. I need you.

Love, Esme


Find-a-Friend Friday: Jessie

February 11th, 2011 9:52 am by Kelly


Jessie, a brown and black striped domestic short hair/tabby mix with big, blue eyes, sits in a windowsill, bird-watching. Her gaze is directed at an object behind the camera.
Photos courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

I had it in my head to find a cute, adorable little kitten to share with y’all this morning – a nice change of pace from all the hard luck cases, you know? But when I saw Jessie’s listing on Petfinder, I knew that she was the one.

Poor Jessie recently lost both her home and family when her person had to be hospitalized due to Alzheimer’s disease. (It’s a shame that nonhumans usually cannot accompany their human friends into assisted living facilities, but that’s another topic for another day. Ditto: homeless shelters and women’s/domestic violence programs.)

Can you imagine how this girl must be feeling?


Something’s got Jessie’s back up. The inhumanity of humanity, perhaps?
Photos courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

Domestic Short Hair/Tabby – Brown Mix: An adoptable cat in Ottawa, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

Jessie is a 7 year old Brown Patched Tabby with beautiful colors. Jessie has pretty light green eyes. She was turned in to the shelter because her owner was placed in a nursing home due to advancing Alzheimer’s. Jessie is a lap cat who gets along with other cats. She likes squeaky toys and balls in a donut toy. Jessie has always been an inside cat so she cannot be let outside. She is use to a cat scratch cardboard. Jessie has not been around small children so a home without kids or older children is needed. She does prefer women over men.

All cats or kittens at the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will be tested for FELV / FIV before being sent home with their adopters. We do not adopt out any cats or kittens found to be positive. All cats and kittens are also up to date on their vaccines and have been or will be spayed or neutered before going to their new homes. These cats and kittens are also litter box trained. All information known about this cat has been included in this bio. If you are interested in this animal, please either email prairie.paws [at] for an application or call 785-242-2967.

If you would like to come visit the shelter, the address is 3173 K 68 HWY in Ottawa, Ks. The shelter is open to the public, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. The shelter is closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Off-site adoptions sponsored by HAHS are held at PETsMART at 115th & Metcalf in Overland Park every Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. To confirm that this animal will attend the off-site adoption at PETCO, please email the shelter.

More about Jessie
Pet ID: 1-1215 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Prefers a home without: young children

Jessie is currently staying at the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, Kansas. If you’d like to offer this mature lady a kind, safe home in which to retire, I’m sure she’ll repay you with her undying love.