Find-a-Friend Friday: Lokey

December 10th, 2010 5:55 pm by Kelly


Lokey, a handsome young white and gray tabby cat mix.
Photo courtesy KattyShacK.

For this week’s Friend in need, we’re going a little north of Kansas City – as in, aaaallllll the way up to Smithville, Missouri. (My exaggeration is deliberate. The husband and I live up there, you see!) Katty ShacK is a feline rescue group based north of the river; it’s here you’ll find dear Lokey, a cute little guy in need of a home. Preferably before the Christmas holiday, so he doesn’t miss out on gifts of catnip and scratching posts!

Tabby – White Mix: An adoptable cat in Smithville, MO
Large • Adult • Male

Lokey is a young adult, a little lanky right now. Will be a big beautiful guy when we get a little weigh on him and on a good diet. He is a loving guy, talks a lot in the morning! Found hanging around a barn, this tame and loving guy deserves a better life.

The KattyShack is located in Smithville, MO. The KattyShack is open on weekends for potential families to come and meet the cats and kittens. Before coming however, the adoption application needs to be completed and e-mailed to kattypeggy [at]

More about Lokey
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained

Visit Katty ShacK’s Petfinder page to find out more about this special guy, or to view the other cats and kittens currently available for adoption.

Find-a-Friend Friday: Dana

December 3rd, 2010 7:39 pm by Kelly


Dana, a tan and brown brindled Shar Pei Mix dog.
Photo courtesy Autumn Acres.

I searched through quite a few heartbreaking listings on Petfinder

(So many recent puppy mill rescues! And yet, the Missouri state legislature is threatening to repeal Proposition B, a law recently passed by MO voters which would provide some basic – albeit still grossly inadequate – protections for dog bought and sold for breeding purposes. Tell ’em NO THANKS here.)

before finally settling on Dana, a gorgeous Shar Pie mixed breed girl who thinks cats are awesome….for chasing and eating, that is.

Dana has been with the no-kill rescue Autumn Acres for some time now, and due to a heartworm infection and subsequent sub-par treatment, has wracked up thousands of dollars in vet bills. Please consider bringing this lovely girl home for the holidays – or making a donation, however small, towards her care if you can.

Shar Pei Mix: An adoptable dog in Kansas City, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

We have had Dana in our program for over 2 years now. She really needs a home!! Dana is an alpha dog. She will try to rule the house and because of that needs a firm owner. Dana is NOT good with cats but is good with other dogs, kids, and horses. Dana knows how to sit, is crate trained, and housebroken.

Dana was spayed, vaccinated, and ended up testing positive for heartworms. She was treated for the heartworms but had an adverse reaction to the first shot and for some reason the vet still gave her the second shot 3 days later(she was being boarded at the vet during the time) he called us up at that point to tell us that she wasn’t doing very well. We rushed her to Columbia because she had air outside of her lungs…don’t know what its called but you could see air bubbles in her chest as she breathed. It was a long ride to Columbia but we got there. She was put into an oxygen cage and stayed there for over a week on several medications. The bill for Columbia alone was $1600. We are looking for a sponsor for Dana. We haven’t done this sponsor thing before but after having Dana for 2 years we think maybe we should start ;-). Please be kind enough to sponsor Dana. If you own a company and want some advertisement we can place a link to you’re business when we list Dana as Sponsored by…

Please sponsor Dana! For $25 a month you are helping to cover her dog food and her medical bills, past and future!

Pet ID: 40767 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Prefers a home without: cats, children under 5 • Special Needs

Likewise, Kasha and Darla could use a little love and a few new friends, too.

Dog bless you for adopting!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Tango

November 26th, 2010 5:09 pm by Kelly


Tango the blue, yellow and white macaw.
Photo courtesy Burge Bird Rescue.

Meet Tango, this week’s Friend in need! Tango is just one of many birds in the area who need an adoptive home to call their own.

This blue, yellow and white macaw dude is current staying with Burge Bird Rescue, who has this to say about Tango:

Tango plucks his chest a bit, but had perfect blood test results, so it may be from boredom or stress and may resolve once he gets settled into a new home. He is a sweetheart and likes to be petted once he gets out of the cage and gets used to you. He is only 8 years old, with lots of good years ahead of him. Our birds are not available for breeding. Potential adopters must call for an appointment, and must pass a screening interview to ensure that our birds are going to a safe home. Adoption fee $400 negotiable for the right home.

If you’d like to adopt this gorgeous guy, contact Burge Bird Rescue today! FYI: Beak N’ Wings in Shawnee Mission, KS also has a number of bird companions available for adoption.

Find-a-Friend Friday: KITTENS!

November 19th, 2010 6:15 pm by Kelly


Kittens, by five: black and brown and orange, oh my!
Photo courtesy Foxwood Animal Hospital.

OMG Y’ALL FOXWOOD ANIMAL HOSPITAL HAS THE CUTEST MOTLEY CREW OF KITTENS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! They’re only a few months old, and super-tiny, and their fur is all the colors of the rainbow! Okay not really, but some of the little guys and gals are different colors: there are three black kittens, one black and brown tortoise shell, and an orange and white mini-Morris-looking baby. Normally I don’t feature the pups and kits, since they’re usually the first to be adopted in shelter/rescue situations, but OMG THE CUTENESS!

PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT! 5 Kittens: Born 8/10; 2 Black Female, 1 Black Male, 1 Orange Male, 1 Torti Female

Contact: Call Dawn at 816-665-2339 (Please leave a message if no answer and I will call you back)

Very sweet and playful. Current on shots, Adoption fee is $75 and that includes shots and spay/neuter and felv/fiv neg.

Seriously, if you adopt one of these buggers, you must invite me over to cat-sit some time. What’s that? Cats don’t need sitters? Poppycock!

If kittens aren’t your cup of love, Foxwood has plenty of adult cats in need of homes, too. Adopt, don’t shop!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Ali

November 12th, 2010 11:18 am by Kelly


Ali is a black, tan and white basset hound/dachshund mix – though her short, thick legs, long body, droopy ears and large head give her that classic wiener dog look.
Photos courtesy Animals Best Friends.

I combed through dozens of Petfinder listings this morning, looking for THE perfect dog to introduce y’all to. Problem is, they’re all perfect! Every animal is special and unique in her own way, and the many canines whose stories I pored over today are no exception. Finally I settled on dear Ali, for no reason other than that she reminds me of my own dachshund friend Ralphie, who underwent surgery to remove his right eye yesterday (melanoma; we’ll know next week whether it was malignant) and is recovering on my lap as we speak. Point being, Ali is just one of thousands of wonderful, loving individuals in need of a home at this very moment. If you’re looking to welcome a new nonhuman friend into your family, please consider adopting – rescuing – one of these many Friends in need.

Okay, so. On to Ali, who is currently staying with Animals Best Friends in Independence, MO. Here’s what he foster peeps have to say about this lovely lady:


I know that look! Miss Ali is about to stir up some trouble.
Photos courtesy Animals Best Friends.

Basset Hound/Dachshund Mix: An adoptable dog in Independence, MO
Small • Adult • Female

This cuddle bug is Ali. She was born in 2006. She LOVES attention and to be loved on as much as you are willing to give her. She does great with other dogs and loves to sniff and play outside whenever she has the chance to… She is crate and house trained as well. She would make a great companion for someone. She is looking for that furever home. Please open your hearts and your home to this pretty girl.

If you are interested in meeting Ali, please go to WWW.ANIMALSBESTFRIENDS.ORG and fill out an application. If you are interested in possibly fostering ANY of our WONDERFUL pets, please go to our website listed above, and go to the tab “HOW TO HELP” and fill out a foster application and someone will get in contact with you! 🙂 Thank you very much for taking the time to check out our kids!!

More about Ali
Pet ID: AbfAli • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained


Ali smiles up at the camera.
Photos courtesy Animals Best Friends.

You heard them, friends! If you live in the Kansas City area, get in touch with Animals Best Friends to adopt, foster or donate today, mkay?