Find-a-Friend Friday: Alabama & Indiana

January 14th, 2011 5:18 pm by Kelly


Alabama and Indiana – two big, beautiful tuxedo boy-cats – lazily lounge in a two-tiered window seat of some kind, staring off behind and to the right of the camera. They’re wearing complementary blue (Alabama) and red (Indiana) colored collars – so cute!
Photos courtesy Assisi Safe Haven for Cats.

It’s been several weeks since we’ve featured cats, so today we’re all about the felines here at the PPP! Two felines in particular: namely, Alabama and Indiana, a bonded pair of brothers who are currently staying with Assisi Safe Haven for Cats in Lansing, Kansas.

Just for poops and giggles, I refined my initial Petfinder search for adoptable cats to include “extra large” felines only, and these guys were two of the sixteen cats who came up. Just sixteen! I wonder what size and weight is considered “extra large” in the feline world? There’s definitely a little more to love on these guys, but neither of them look especially leopard-like.

Anyhow, here’s the listing for Alabama; both read the same, so there’s no point in crossposting each. You can click on each guy’s photo to go to his respective Petfinder listing, if you’re so inclined:





Indiana and Alabama are two tuxedo brothers returned to rescue after a home foreclosure. These are two exquisite big lovable boys that have never been apart a day in their lives, so we will not separate them now. They are the ultimate in handsome big cats, at the same time gentle and soft. Want that lover boy cat to curl up and keep you warm on a cold night think this pair. Contact catwomanofkansas [at] for an adoption application or call Lynn at 913-683-0686 after 7:00 PM

Bring them home, they’ll keep your feetsies nice and toasty! Ditto: your heart.

Find-a-Friend Friday: Jakers

January 7th, 2011 12:26 pm by Kelly


Jakers, a gorgeous white goat with a white and tan “beard,” gazes off into the distance.
Photo courtesy Autumn Winds Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.

Jakers is a guy after my own heart. As is plainly obvious in the photo above, Jakers is a goat.


2010-09-18 - Cracker Box Palace (Meesh's Cam) - 0282

One of the many goats I met during a recent trip to Cracker Box Palace in Alton, NY.

So curious and playful, goats are. I can’t wait to adopt a few myself. All in good time…

Anyhow, Jakers is currently staying with a newish animal rescue group in Dixon, MO. Just a short (!) three and a half hour drive from Kansas City, Dixon is located about 60 miles south of Jefferson City. But hey, seven hours round-trip is a small sacrifice to make when we’re talking furry friends, am I right folks?

Jakers’ Petfinder listing is rather sparse on the details:

Goat: An adoptable goat in Dixon, MO
Medium • Adult • Male

Jakers is an easygoing guy once he gets to know you. He enjoys belly rubs and getting pets.

More about Jakers
Primary color: White

…but I’m sure his rescue people will talk your ear off about Jakers and his crazy antics, should you give them a ring. (Pssst! The number is 573-759-3400.) C’mon, he’s a goat! Goats are awesome!

Part of the reason I chose Jakers as this week’s Friend in need is because I also wanted to highlight Autumn Winds Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. Before this week, I’d never heard of the place. Judging from its website, the group looks to be somewhat new, having expanded its original mission of wildlife rescue and rehab to include companion and farmed animals as well:

About Us

We started out helping injured & orphaned wildlife, as Autumn Winds Wildlife Rehab, a non profit tax exempt organization based near Dixon, MO.

But we knew that there were other animals that needed our help as well. So, we decided to become Autumn Winds Animal Rescue & Sanctuary to become available to all animals.

We have gotten some of the paperwork back and are now up and running while waiting for the rest of it to come in.

Because we have a very small area set up right now to work with, we can only help dog and cats that are in the shelters right now and a few other animals, besides the wildlife.

In the future we hope to make larger areas for holding the animals until they can be adopted out, then we can help individual people’s animals as well as continuing to help the shelter animals.

Our Mission

As a no kill shelter and sanctuary, our mission is to rescue and offer care and rehabilitation for neglected, abandoned or unwanted companion and exotic animals.

Through proper medical care, socialization and love, many of these animals will find a loving home through our adoption program.

We still rescue and rehabilitate ill, injured and orphaned wildlife. Providing care and medical treatment until they are ready to be released back ito the wilderness.

Some animals, due to medical or behavioral problems, cannot be placed and will live out their lives here at the sanctuary.

Our mission also includes educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering and the humane treatment of the animals around them.

Given that there are so few nontraditional animal rescue organizations and sanctuaries in the Midwest – particularly those dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of farmed animal species – the possibility of a new group has me giddy. The only established sanctuary I know of around these parts is HSMO’s Long Meadow Rescue Ranch (located just outside of St. Louis); there are also a few smaller groups, the names of which escape me (and the googles) at the moment. On occasion, groups dedicated to companion animal rescue may take in the rare pig, horse or donkey – but more farmed animal rescue groups are most definitely needed, especially in the so-called “Steak Capital of the World.”

If you’d like to get involved, go to to learn more about the group and how you can help.

They also have a number of dogs, cats, birds and goats available for adoption!

Find-a-Friend Friday: O’Malley

December 31st, 2010 12:31 pm by Kelly


O’Malley, a fluffy, brown and tan colored Shepherd/Chow Chow Mix, smiles for the camera, tennis ball and fuzzy bone in hand. Errr, paw.
Photos courtesy The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

I am totally in love with this week’s Friend in need, the super goofy and crazy adorable O’Malley. I know, I know; I excitedly make such proclamations at least once every other week, but still. That doesn’t make my squealing any less earnest. Besides, I am a sucker for “special needs” animals.

What’s O’Malley’s “special need,” you ask? He’s missing one of his front legs, which had to be amputated due to an especially serious injury. Not that O’Malley lets this minor inconvenience slow him down; not much, anyway. If you were to ask him, he’d probably laugh at your “special needs” labeling. He’s smiley like that.

O’Malley is currently staying with the kind folks at The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City (HSGKC), who describe him thusly:

Shepherd/Chow Chow Mix: An adoptable dog in Kansas City, KS
Medium • Adult • Male


Date of birth: 9/17/08

O’Malley is one of our MOVIE MUTT SUPERSTARS! Go to our web site to see a fun music video of O’Malley.

11/3/10: O’Malley is a cute and fluffy Shepherd/Chow mix pup. He’s friendly and sweet-natured. He is 2 years old.

We transferred O’Malley to our shelter from the KCK Animal Control shelter as part of our Ray of Hope program. His right front leg had been badly broken. We took him to a vet to try to save it, but the injury was too severe and we had to have his leg amputated. O’Malley gets around well, though, and he loves to run and play– he even fetches! (see his video)

O’Malley gets along well with female dogs. He gets along with most other male dogs as long as they’re not too dominant. If you have a dog you could arrange to bring him or her to our shelter to meet O’Malley to make sure they get along.

O’Malley has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. He’s short and stocky and weighs about 50 lbs.


> Our goal is to send you home with a healthy pet and any information and support you may need to help your new pet adjust to his or her new home. All of our dogs & puppies have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas & ticks, tested for heartworms (6 mo. and over), and are on monthly heartworm preventative. Puppies who are too young to receive all the necessary puppy boosters and/or first rabies shot may be brought back to us for those vaccines at no extra charge. You will also receive a leash, collar, 5 lbs of Science Diet, toys, and educational materials including an excellent dog training DVD. And we’ll give your dog a bath before he or she goes home!

> Please visit the Pet Adoptions page of our web site for more information about our adoption process. An application is required to adopt a pet and applicants must meet our adoption requirements. You can download a pet adoption application from our web site and then fax or email it back to us.

> Please note that most of our dogs do require a fenced yard, although there may be some who are appropriate for apartment living or circumstances where a fence may not be required.

Thank you for searching for a shelter pet!

More about O’Malley
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Special Needs

O’Malley is part of the Ray of Hope program, a totally rad partnership between the HSGKC and the KCK Animal Control Shelter:


Find-a-Friend Friday: Rufus

December 24th, 2010 12:21 pm by Kelly


Rufus, a white and brown rabbit with stand-up satellite dish ears.
Photos courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

In honor of this morning’s oh-so-timely Christmas Eve snow dusting, a speckled white rabbit! Allow me to introduce you to Rufus, a cute and festively colored little guy who’s currently staying at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, Kansas.

Rex Mix: An adoptable rabbit in Ottawa, KS
Medium • Adult • Male

Meet Rufus! This sweet bunny was found in a barn by a locate farmer. He sat down on the ground and called to Rufus and he just hopped his way right over to him. Needless to say, Rufus is a very friendly bunny who really needs a good home. Our guess is that Rufus was abandoned and was very lucky to find a nice person who took him in.

If you are interested in Rufus, please either email prairie.paws [at] for an application or call 785-242-2967. If you would like to come visit the shelter, the address is 3173 K 68 HWY in Ottawa, Ks. The shelter is open to the public, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. The shelter is closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

More about Rufus
Pet ID: 10-1607

Sadly, Rufus is just one of many rabbits in need of a home. Please see Petfinder for a complete list of homeless bunnies in the Kansas City area!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Ozzy

December 17th, 2010 1:41 pm by Kelly


Ozzy, a white Chinese Crested Powder Puff dog, sans body fur.
Photos courtesy Crest-Care Inc. Chinese Crested Rescue.

This week’s Friend in need is proof positive that, whatever your preferred breed, there’s no need to buy a dog rather than adopt one. An estimated 25% of dogs languishing in shelters and rescue groups are purebred, and countless local and national breed-specific rescue groups cater to prospective guardians with particular needs or desires.

Enter: Ozzy. One of three Chinese Crested dogs available for adoption in Stilwell, Kansas (just south of Overland Park), Ozzy is part of Crest-Care Inc., a national Chinese Crested rescue group that’s comprised of “individuals living throughout the Unites States and Canada who locate, transport, rescue, foster, provide veterinarian care and rehabilitates Chinese Cresteds in need until they can be rehomed to suitable, well screened homes where they will thrive.” Depending on genetics, Chinese Crested dogs are born either (mostly) hairless or with a thick double coat that does not shed. Ozzy is of the second variety, commonly called a “Powder Puff.” Personally, I think the dear boy looks better clothed, don’t you?

Ozzy (KS)
Chinese Crested Dog Mix: An adoptable dog in Stilwell, KS
Small • Adult • Male


Ozzy, with his fluffy “winter coat” all grown in!
Photos courtesy Crest-Care Inc. Chinese Crested Rescue.

Please contact Lee (crestiersq [at[ for more information about this pet.

Adoption Application link:

My name is Ozzy and my foster mom says I am one of the sweetest, most laid back, mild mannered, and gentle hairy hairless Crestie boys she’s ever met. In my old life, my brother and I were left outside to fend for ourselves after our humans moved away. I was picked up by some nice people and taken to a small shelter in south Missouri were they treated us really good and made sure that we were safe. My foster mom & dad came to pick me up and man have I been living the good life ever since. I have lots of other doggies to play with, I have lots of toys too…my favorite are the squeaky tennis balls, and I even have a couple of naked kitty cats to curl up with when they (the cats) let me. It’s cold here in Kansas now so foster mommy has let me “grow my winter coat” and she said she’s putting a picture up for everyone to see too.

My foster mom says I am now ready for my forever home, I have been neutered, all my vaccinations are up to date, I’m heartworm negative (foster mom says that’s a really good thing), and I’m microchipped so I can never be lost again. I’m still working on that housebreaking thing…foster mom says now that I am neutered I should get better about that but until I am she makes me wear a belly band when she’s at work and can’t watch my every move. I really want to please my foster mom so I’m working really hard at it, but sometimes I forget. Also, I still don’t like crates very much except when it’s time to eat, but foster mom says I’ve improved a whole lot and don’t stress out about being in the crate….I still whine and cry after I’ve eaten, but foster mom is on to me now, she knows I’ll quiet down and wait patiently for her to let me out after a few minutes (she doesn’t let me out until I do). I also love to sleep under the covers, stretch out across the nice warm heat vent after coming inside from doing my business, and snuggle on your lap or curl up next to you on the sofa. I also really like my walks outside on leash, I love to explore, I’m get to meet lots of nice humans and other dogs on my walks and that’s always fun.

My foster mom doesn’t have children, but she says I’m so sweet and mellow that I would probably do okay with kids. Foster mom says my vet believes I’m about two years old and since she picked me up out of the shelter on July 24, 2010, my birthdate will now be July 24, 2008. Sounds good to me…it’s only a number anyway.

If you are looking for a sweet, loving, silly, and if I do say so myself, one very handsome crestie boy, then look no further…just contact my foster mom at crestiersq [at] Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have one erect ear and one floppy ear, foster mommy says it gives me so much character and she thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world.


More about Ozzy (KS)
Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots.

If you’d like to learn more about Ozzy – or Humpty or Bailey – get in touch with Crest-Care Inc. today!