Find-a-Friend Friday: Esme & Ester

February 18th, 2011 9:56 am by Kelly

The story of Esme & Ester (abridged, < 2 minutes). Doesn't the still shot just break your heart? YouTube video courtesy of Wayside Waifs.

When first I spied Esme in Wayside Waifs’ weekly newsletter (she was one of three “Waifs of the Week”), my eye was immediately drawn to her. Not because she’s gorgeous (though she totally is! such fluffy, snow-white fur – and so much of it, too!), but rather because I thought she was missing a leg. (Seriously, check out her photo! Do you see her front right leg?) And if you know me, you know that I have a soft spot for the hard luck cases.


Esme (left) and Ester (right), a pair of bonded, purebred American Eskimo dogs
available for adoption through Wayside Waifs.
Photos courtesy of Wayside Waifs.

Alas, all four of Esme’s legs are intact and functioning. Yet, Esme’s is still a “special needs” case. At 6 years old young, she’s hardly a shiny new pup anymore. Plus, she has a younger sis (Ester) with whom she’d desperately like to be adopted. As hard as it can be to place one dog in a happy new home, try two! To say that it’s doubly difficult is an understatement. And yet, this is just what the nice folks at Wayside Waifs are trying to do.

Here are Esme and Ester’s Petango listings, in order:

Name: Esme
Animal ID: 12242995
Breed: American Eskimo
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
No: Small Children
Size: Medium

Hello everyone! It’s me, Esme, a 6 year old purebred American Eskimo lover of a dog searching for a home of my own. I’m so cute and soft and sweet and cuddly, I will take your breath away! I sure hope you fall in love with me, because I’ve had it with life in a shelter and I want to go home!

At 20 pounds, I’m a perfect medium size to cozy up next to you on the couch. I’m not too big, not too small. And are you familiar with my breed? Well, besides our beauty, we’re known for being loyal and smart. You can’t go wrong with those qualities, can you?

I came to Wayside as a transfer from another shelter. Well, first I was surrendered to that other shelter, along with my sister, Ester, when our owner could no longer care for us. Living in one shelter was bad enough, then no one came for us so we were sent here. It’s almost too much to handle! My sister and I would like to be adopted out together since we have lived our lives together.

I’m sort of shy, at least until I get to know you and trust you. No, I’m not the life of the party and probably never will be, but if a sweet, quiet girl is more your style, then you won’t go wrong with me. I love to go for walks with the volunteers around the Wayside campus and they say I do really well with leash walking. And after our walks, a little cuddle time is definitely in order. Anything to keep from going back to my kennel!

In my new home, I’m looking for patience, understanding, attention, and love. Do you think you can give me all that? I’d like a new home without kids under the age of 12. They are scary and unpredictable to me and they make me nervous. Other dogs are ok, but please bring them to meet me before we all go home together.

I’m in the prime of my life and I deserve a home of my own with people who care about me. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Someone to care for us and someone to care about? That’s all I want. Please come to meet me soon. I need you.

Love, Esme


Find-a-Friend Friday: Jessie

February 11th, 2011 9:52 am by Kelly


Jessie, a brown and black striped domestic short hair/tabby mix with big, blue eyes, sits in a windowsill, bird-watching. Her gaze is directed at an object behind the camera.
Photos courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

I had it in my head to find a cute, adorable little kitten to share with y’all this morning – a nice change of pace from all the hard luck cases, you know? But when I saw Jessie’s listing on Petfinder, I knew that she was the one.

Poor Jessie recently lost both her home and family when her person had to be hospitalized due to Alzheimer’s disease. (It’s a shame that nonhumans usually cannot accompany their human friends into assisted living facilities, but that’s another topic for another day. Ditto: homeless shelters and women’s/domestic violence programs.)

Can you imagine how this girl must be feeling?


Something’s got Jessie’s back up. The inhumanity of humanity, perhaps?
Photos courtesy Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

Domestic Short Hair/Tabby – Brown Mix: An adoptable cat in Ottawa, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

Jessie is a 7 year old Brown Patched Tabby with beautiful colors. Jessie has pretty light green eyes. She was turned in to the shelter because her owner was placed in a nursing home due to advancing Alzheimer’s. Jessie is a lap cat who gets along with other cats. She likes squeaky toys and balls in a donut toy. Jessie has always been an inside cat so she cannot be let outside. She is use to a cat scratch cardboard. Jessie has not been around small children so a home without kids or older children is needed. She does prefer women over men.

All cats or kittens at the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will be tested for FELV / FIV before being sent home with their adopters. We do not adopt out any cats or kittens found to be positive. All cats and kittens are also up to date on their vaccines and have been or will be spayed or neutered before going to their new homes. These cats and kittens are also litter box trained. All information known about this cat has been included in this bio. If you are interested in this animal, please either email prairie.paws [at] for an application or call 785-242-2967.

If you would like to come visit the shelter, the address is 3173 K 68 HWY in Ottawa, Ks. The shelter is open to the public, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. The shelter is closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Off-site adoptions sponsored by HAHS are held at PETsMART at 115th & Metcalf in Overland Park every Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. To confirm that this animal will attend the off-site adoption at PETCO, please email the shelter.

More about Jessie
Pet ID: 1-1215 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Prefers a home without: young children

Jessie is currently staying at the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, Kansas. If you’d like to offer this mature lady a kind, safe home in which to retire, I’m sure she’ll repay you with her undying love.

Find-a-Friend Friday: Lily

February 4th, 2011 3:25 pm by Kelly


Lily, a medium-sized, tan Shar-pei/Hound Mix, smothers her human friend with kisses.
Photos courtesy

When I saw Lily posted on a Facebook friend’s page, I knew at once that she’d be this week’s Friend in need. Lily is located not in the Kansas City area, but rather in Athens, Georgia, at the Athens–Clarke County Animal Control shelter. A special needs dog – Lily is missing on eye and, at seven years old, is considered “elderly” – Lily would have trouble finding an adoptive family even under the best of circumstances. However, at a kill shelter, her fate is is much worse: dear Lily is at high risk of “euthanasia” – being killed for no reason other than simple lack of a home. A human-created problem for which three to four millions dogs and cats pay with their lives, every year in the U.S. alone.

Here’s what the folks at – a volunteer-run website that’s not officially associated with ACCAC – have to say about Lily:

32132 – Lily
Available Dog!

Please use the ledger number, not the name, when calling about a dog.

* Breed: Shar-pei/Hound Mix
* Gender: Female
* Age: 7 years
* Weight: 37 lbs
* Impound Date: 2/2/11
* Ledger Number: 32132

Lily is my absolute favorite dog at the pound right now. Despite the all the hardships Lily has gone through in her short life and continues to suffer from, Lily is the sweetest dog at the pound right now who couldn’t be happier to give people constant love and attention through the sweetest sloppy, wet kisses. Any dog who can look so rough around the edges yet be so affectionate makes her so deserving of a chance at a life of luxury because she will be eternally grateful knowing where she came from. Lily needs a guardian angel to save her from the life she’s been forced to live and show her how great life can actually be – show her that people can love her as much as she loves complete strangers. stresses that an animal’s stay at ACCAC is both short and tenuous:

Dogs are held for a minimum of 5 days if they are strays. This 5-day holding period does not include the day the dog is impounded or any day the pound is closed. During this period, if the animal is of good health and temperament, Animal Control will accept applications for adoption on a first-come, first serve basis if the application is approved. After this 5-day period, any day could be the last for ANY dog at the shelter. Owner surrenders do not have a minimum holding period at the shelter; they are available for adoption immediately. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing a dog, PLEASE don’t wait until a certain day to call. You should be organizing the rescue throughout the dog’s stay at animal control. If you wait until the last minute, the dog you want may no longer be available. Euthanasias occur everyday…not just on one particular day.

ACCAC also works with rescue groups who wish to pull animals from the shelter – so please, even if you’re not looking to adopt a dog yourself, please pass Lily’s information along to a group or individual who may be able to help. You can find additional details, including contact information, on

Perhaps it’s because Lily so reminds me of my dear Ralphie – who’s missing his right eye as well – or maybe I just have an extra-soft spot for the extra-sad cases – but I really, truly hope that a rescue angel is able to come through for this sweet, lovely lady. She deserves a home and family to call her own. They all do.

Lily’s profile was just posted by today, so please hurry. T minus five days and counting…and then Lily’s time may be up.


Lily gazes into the camera with her one good eye. That sound?
It’s my heart, shattering into a million pieces.
Photos courtesy

Find-a-Friend Friday: Norman

January 28th, 2011 11:04 am by Kelly


Norman, a brown Swiss steer, relaxes in a bed of hay. Legs tucked under his person,
he oh-so-adorably flashes his little pink tongue at the camera.
Photo courtesy K.I.S.S.(Kitties In-need-of Someone Special, Inc.).

TOMORROW IS VEGAN PIZZA DAY, Y’ALL! Did you hear me? VEGAN. PIZZA. DAY. It ranks among the most awesomest days of the year, second only to my birthday!

Norman here *hearts* vegan pizza day too, ’cause it involves NOMing not on the dead flesh and stolen secretions of his beloved bovine, porcine and avian friends, but rather on gooey slices of goodness covered with melty, stretchy Daiya cheese and crispy Lightlife pepperoni. And veggies: bushels and bushels of vegetables, of every shape, size and color. Poor Norman is drooling just thinking about it! So do this gorgeous boy a favor and share a vegan pizza with a friend tomorrow; preferably one of the omni persuasion. Conversion by vegan food, amiriteppl?

Oh, and while we’re granting wishes, Norman could really use a home to call his own!

Cow: An adoptable cow in Hopatcong, NJ
Extra Large • Baby • Male

This is a courtesy posting for Antler Ridge ( Meet “NORMIE”, he is just 3 weeks old(1/1/11) and will grow up to be 2000 lbs! He was a rescue, (call Antler Ridge for details) and he is up for adoption. He is a BROWN SWISS STEER. As you can see, he is just a friendly little guy, we enjoyed the day sitting with him, feeding him and talking pictures! We’d love to see him in a nice farm setting where he can grow up and bring pleasure and enjoyment to a nice family!

More about Norman
Spayed/Neutered • Primary color: Tan

Norman is currently located in or around Hopatcong, NJ. (What can I say? there are precious few cows listed on Petfinder, probably because most are laid out in the packaged meat section of your local grocer at the moment!) Kitties In-need-of Someone Special, Inc. (K.I.S.S.) submitted Norman’s listing on behalf of Antler Ridge, which you should contact to inquire about him. Please do, okay? Norman needs a family of cows or other formerly farmed animals to call his own.


Find-a-Friend Friday: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

January 21st, 2011 5:43 pm by Kelly


Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a pair of green, orange and gray Poicephalus/Senegal Parrots,
gaze at the camera with curiosity.
Photo courtesy Burge Bird Rescue.

I very rarely feature birds on Find-a-Friend Friday, due not to a lack of availability, but because they don’t photograph well! Or rather, their foster humans are not known to take good photographs of them in captive settings. (Cages make for such cluttered and depressing backdrops, don’t you think?) A few of the larger local bird rescue groups don’t even include personalized photos of the birds in their Petfinder listings, relying instead on stock photos. But if you’re looking to bring a feathered friend (or two!) into your life, rest assured that you have plenty of options for adoption! See, for example, Burge Bird Rescue and Beak N’ Wings, Inc., both located in the Kansas City area.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, pictured above, come from the former. The pair were breeding birds until an accident rendered Mrs. Smith disposable. I’ll let Burge Bird Rescue take it from there:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Poicephalus/Senegal: An adoptable parrot in Grandview, MO
Medium • Adult • Unknown

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are former breeding birds of unknown age that were surrendered to another rescue after Mrs. Smith lost her lower beak in an accident and was not able to raise chicks. They were transferred to our rescue after two years because we specialize in special needs birds. They are not tame, but we are sure that someone out there is going to love them and provide them a safe happy home together for as long as they live.

Our birds are not available for breeding. All applicants must pass a screening interview, and may be required to wait 48 hours before taking home the bird if adoption is approved.

Adoption fee negotiable
More about Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Special Needs • Primary colors: Green, Orange

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are only two of hundreds of adoptable birds in need of forever home in the Kansas City area; for a comprehensive list, please hop on over to Petfinder.