SNKC’s 2010 Pledge & Winter Donation Drives

November 16th, 2010 10:24 am by Kelly

Spay & Neuter Kansas City recently announced the start of its second annual pledge drive. From now until February 24, 2011, participants can compete to win one of three prizes, with the top fundraiser receiving two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines and $300 worth of hotel accommodations. (The second and third prizes are a Magellan RoadMate 3065 and a $100 gift certificate to Petsmart, respectively.) The money raised will be used to spay and neuter Kansas City area dogs and cats in need – a core mission of SNKC.


In addition to the pledge drive, SNKC is also hosting a winter donation drive. Along with gently used dog houses, the group is in need of the following items: dog and cat food (e.g., to stock SNKC’s “pet” food pantry); straw; leashes and collars; dog and cat toys; and, of course, monetary donations, which will help to pay for spay/neuter procedures, gas for transportation, new dog houses, and veterinary care for sick and injured dogs and cats. You can find more information on donating and view SNKC’s full wish list here.




If you’re interested in helping, please get in touch with SNKC today:

1116 E. 59th Street
(NE Corner 59th and Troost)
PO Box 410303, Kansas City, MO 64141

Ph: 816-353-0940 | Fx: 816-523-0887

spayandneuterkc [at]

Find-a-Friend Friday: Nikita

October 29th, 2010 10:35 am by Kelly


Nikita is a brownish-tannish-grayish domestic shorthair feline with a funny white chin, gorgeous green eyes, and a cute pink button nose. In this picture, la feline femme stares into the camera, her features accentuated by the black and white spotted background.
Photos courtesy HELP Humane Society.

This week’s Friend hails from the mean streets of Belton, Missouri, where she was picked up by animal control and brought to HELP Humane Society. Originally thought to be a feral cat, Nikita was entered into HELP’s trap, neuter & return (TNR) program…which she promptly flunked out of. Nikita, it seems, prefers the pampered life. Can you blame her?

Tabby – Brown/Domestic Short Hair – Brown Mix
Small • Adult • Female


Surrounded by blankets, a sleepy-looking Nikita curls up on a bench. Cozy!
Photos courtesy HELP Humane Society.

Is this girl gorgeous or what?! Nikita was a feral kitten when she was brought in by animal control. She was put through our TNR (trap, neuter & return) program for feral cats…..which is why you see an eartip. While recovering from her vetting she decided that she would like to be tame and stay inside with the 2-leggeds that appeared to be taking care of her every need. So she stayed…..she is very affectionate and is awesome with other kitties…….how can you resist that?! Nikita, girl, born approx 2005

So, who will be Nikita’s new bipedal servant? Prospective volunteers should report to HELP, vet references in hand, ASAP!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Kittens!

October 15th, 2010 11:56 am by Kelly

The Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner, Kansas, has four kittens available for adoption. Did you hear me? KITTENS! Behold the cuteness:


A woman dressed in scrubs holds up four beautiful, blue-eyed, scrappy little balls of fuzz for the camera. The kittens – siblings – alternate in color from orange and white to gray and white. Rinse, repeat.
Photo courtesy Oakbrook Animal Hospital.

These kittens are super cute! 2 boys and 2 girls. Available for $90 or 2 for $160. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, fiv/felv test, first vaccine, microchip and deworming. We ask that you call to make an appointment to see the animals for two reasons. First, our schedule at the hospital doesn’t always allow us enough time to be at the shelter with you to answer your questions. Calling ahead will ensure you come at a time so no one feels rushed! Secondly, some of the animals available for adoption are more popular than others. In the case that several people are interested in one pet, calling ahead for an appointment is the best way to make sure everyone is treated fairly. However, if you are not available to come meet a pet for several days, please be considerate of our time and the space in the shelter and realize that we need to find these guys homes ASAP! Any animal adopted from us must be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested before going home. This means that sometimes your new pet will be able to go home right away, but sometimes they may need to stay with us for a few days. Please call us at 913-884-8778 for more details and information.

OMG, that photo is so sweet, I think I caught the diabetes just by looking at it.

In case kittens are not your slice of vegan cake – and I don’t blame you; who wants to potty train a baby when one can choose from any number of mature, well-behaved, been-there-done-that senior cats in need of homes, too? – Oakbrook has plenty of adult cats available for adoption as well, as does nearby Olathe Animal Control: KGB. Emerson. Bill and Chandler (so cute!). Parker. A014059 (no name? that’s frakked!). Give one (or two or three) of these friends a home if you can, okay?

You can view each shelter’s full Petfinder lists here and here.

Find-a-Friend Friday: Mia

October 1st, 2010 11:06 am by Kelly


Mia, a gorgeous gray and white tabby with piercing green eyes, gives the camera a skeptical look of non-amusement. This girl? Has i can has cheezburger? written all over her.
Photo courtesy M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue.

Meet Mia, this week’s friend in need. Mia hails from M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue. Located in Savannah, MO, M’Shoogy’s is just a short one hour drive north of Kansas City proper. Don’t let the drive – or Mia’s FeLV+ status – scare you off. Like all nonhumans, I’m 110% sure that she’s worth it!

Tabby – Grey: An adoptable cat in Savannah, MO
Small • Young • Female

Hello, I’m Mia. I am a gorgeous tabby and white kitty who if as soft and snuggly as the cat bed I’m lounging in. Life hasn’t been so easy for me though. I was recently abandoned on the front steps of Angel’s Vet Express in a box with several other cats. It was raining that night, the tape came off of the box and out I went. It didn’t take me long to realize how scary it was out in the big world, so I let the wonderful staff catch me and in return they promised me a life of luxury on the inside. If that wasn’t enough, I also am feline leukemia positive. I will need to be an inside cat either by myself or with other positive cats. Feline leukemia isn’t an automatic death sentence. I am young and healthy. I can live a long happy life just like any other cat. All I need is a loving home. Surely I’ve earned that haven’t I?

I’ve written about feline leukemia on the Kansas City Freecycle blog previously (for example, when featuring cats with the disease). While FeLV is not curable, it is treatable, and FeLV+ cats can live long and enjoyable lives. However, to prevent the transmission of FeLV, it’s best not to house FeLV+ cats with those who do not have the virus. For more information, check out this feature on Feline Leukemia from Best Friends Magazine. And dog (cat?) bless you for considering a special needs animal!

Find-a-Friend Friday: Jonathon

July 16th, 2010 10:49 pm by Kelly


Jonathon, a fluffy, maybe-a-little-chubby-but-who-can-tell-what-with-all-that-fur, black and white cat rests his sleepyhead on the wheels of an office chair as he dozes off into dreamland. Photos courtesy Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter.

Jonathon, what a cutie! Do I love this little guy because he looks delightfully ornery, to wit:


Hell to the yes! Just look at that crankyface! Adorable.

But judging from his backstory, Jonathon has plenty of reasons to be grumpy. An ex-feral cat who is FIV+ and has diabetes (um, maybe?), Jonathon needs a compassionate family who can understand and accommodate his special medical and behavioral needs.

His foster peeps at Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter explain:

Meet Jonathon: This big boys story began one cold winters day when we did some trapping. We were trapping some kittens and also trapped him. We thought we would just TNR but when he went for surgery he was very beat up and needed medical attention. He was very WILD and also tested positive for FIV!!!!! We had to put his medicine in his food. With time Jonathon tamed down and he is now a good boy that you just have to understand not to push him over his limit but otherwise he loves to play and you can now pick him up and we would never think of releasing him now. He is enjoying the good indoor life with plenty of food and toys and people who love him. Jonathon just needs a real cat person to adopt him and let him rule the roost!

02-2009 We found out Jonathon is diabetic. He is in a foster home now and doing great. He will either stay at his foster home forever or until someone who knows about diabetic cats is wanting to adopt him.

04-2009 Jonathon’s diabetes went away but came back a month later. Jonathon is a calm, laid back guy who is just as cute and funny as can be! He gets along well with the other kitties in his foster home and enjoys looking outside. He is playful and quite a character! He likes to “headbutt” his humans and his kitty friends. Contact FOPAS to meet this sweet boy today!

If you’re that totally rad adoptive family that Jonathon has been waiting for, hop on over to the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter’s Petfinder page for contact info and details.

And don’t let Jonathon’s FIV+ diagnosis scare you off, mkay?


Jonathon chillaxes with a feline tortoise shell playmate.
Photos courtesy Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter.