Retailers, if you’re interested in selling the Perfect Pizza Press in your store, we want to hear from you! We’re open to different arrangements and are happy to work with small and local businesses (we are one, after all!).

Send us your questions and/or proposals at We look forward to hearing from you!


If you own a blog or website – particularly one geared toward vegan and/or pizza foodies – and would like to join our affiliate network, please get in touch with us today!:

We’re a small, start-up business in search of new and creative ways to get the Perfect Pizza Press into the hands of pizza lovers across the United States. Since our “daytime” jobs are in IT and email marketing, we understand how integral a strong online presence is to a company’s success. We want to work with you, working to make the ‘net work for us.

Founded, owned and run by a husband-wife team of longtime vegans, The Perfect Pizza Press, Inc. aims to support other vegan/vegetarian business whenever possible. For example, we encourage readers and customers to purchase vegan pizza-related foodstuffs and, subject to availability, include coupons for these items in every order. We also advocate a vegan lifestyle: personally, in our creative/online projects, and via The Perfect Pizza Press, Inc. Additionally, we donate 20% of our net profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to animal rescue, animal advocacy, food justice and/or vegan outreach.

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