The Perfect Pizza Press 101

Early in its development, we jokingly summarized the Perfect Pizza Press thusly:

If a pie mold and a pizza cutter fell in love, civil unioned, and had a baby, it would look just like the Perfect Pizza Press. The PPP is a stainless steel utensil that you bake with the pizza, delivering total NOMness 100% of the time.

Short and silly, but spot on!

In its design and use, the Perfect Pizza Press is a cross between an old-school pie mold (or pie or tart pan, if you prefer) and one of those newfangled, fancy-and-expensive pizza cutters. It’s like a pie mold in that it shapes the pizza pie as it bakes. And, while it lacks blades per se, the Perfect Pizza Press is also similar to a pizza cutter in that it separates pizza into neat, even, equal slices. The difference is in the how.

Chief among the reasons why large, pizza-sized cutters are so expensive are their blades. More specifically, the expense involved in creating and maintaining razor-sharp cutting blades, as well as the frequency with which the blades wear down and must be replaced. With the Perfect Pizza Press, you don’t have any blades – just, for lack of a better term, big, dull “spokes” – and thus, no problems with maintenance or wear and tear.

Of course, the lack of a cutting mechanism means that the Perfect Pizza Press operates a bit differently than traditional pizza cutters. Instead of cutting the pizza into slices after it’s been cooked, with the Perfect Pizza Press, users divide the pizza into eight beautiful, even slices while the dough is still raw and pliable. No sharp blades necessary!
Because the Perfect Pizza Press stays in place as the pizza cooks, it has several additional advantages over traditional pizza cutters:

  • As the stainless steel heats up in the oven, it helps to bake the edges of each pizza slice, resulting in an extra-crispy pizza pie. And who doesn’t love crispy edges?!?

  • Each “spoke” acts as a barrier between individual pizza slices, making it easy to mix things up! Let’s say you’re in the mood for Hawaiian, but your sweetie wants a taco pizza. With the Perfect Pizza Press, there’s no need to make two pizzas. Toss pineapples and (soy) ham on half the slices, and top the other half off with cheddar cheese and Smart Ground® Mexican; never the twain shall meet! The Perfect Pizza Press gives you eight different pizzas in one.

  • You can use the Perfect Pizza Press to make an actual pizza pie! This literal “pizza pie” is similar in concept to a calzone, but with open edges. Simply cover a pizza with a second layer of dough, press the Perfect Pizza Press through both layers of dough and toppings, and bake. (You may have to finagle the Perfect Pizza Press a bit to pass through the middle layer of toppings, but it’s totally worth it.)
    Furthermore, the Perfect Pizza Press’s sturdy-yet-simple design means that it’s built to last:

  • The Perfect Pizza Press is constructed of 16-gauge, 100% stainless steel.

  • The Perfect Pizza Press can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The Perfect Pizza Press does not contain any moving or removable parts – meaning there’s nothing for you to accidentally snap, break, crush in the garbage disposal, lose or misplace.

  • The Perfect Pizza Press comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • The Perfect Pizza Press comes with a limited, 3-year warranty.
    The Perfect Pizza Press makes a great gift for pizza lovers who enjoy making their own pies at home!

  • Buy one (or two or three!) for yourself – or gift a Perfect Pizza Press to your gourmet pizza aficionado father; your frugal, pizza-noshing sister; or your Queen of Strange Toppings BFF. Extra-shiny bonus bragging points if the recipient is the first in his or her crowd to own this most awesome piece of kitchen utensil technology!

  • Vegans, vegetarians and those who cannot consume dairy cheese will especially love the Perfect Pizza Press, as hot soy cheeses – while delicious – are particularly difficult to slice through without making a dog awful mess. Soy cheese is no match for the Perfect Pizza Press, nosiree!

  • Of course, everyone can feel good about out Non-Profit Partnership program! Each quarter, we donate 20% of our net profits to a nonprofit organization that addresses issues of food justice and/or animal advocacy, with the designated NPO changing quarterly. Please see our Nonprofit Partnerships page for details, including profiles of current and past non-profit partners.

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