Green Initiatives: Think Globally, Act Locally

Given that the Perfect Pizza Press, Inc. is a relatively small company, the phrase “green initiatives” seems a bit grand to describe the eco-friendly steps we’re taking in our day-to-day operations.

Even so, we do what we can!:

  • The Perfect Pizza Press is manufactured locally in St. Joseph, Missouri. This means more jobs, less gas wasted in transport!

  • Currently, the boxes we use to ship our Perfect Pizza Presses are constructed of 20-100% recycled material (the liner is made of 20-30% recycled materials; the flute, 100%); the boxes are 100% recyclable. Additionally, the boxes are sized to fit the Presses as snugly as possible; this results in less required packaging materials, as well as less truck space – and thus less gas used in shipping.

  • While we buy the bulk of our shipping and packaging materials new, we try to reuse items whenever possible. For example, collecting and reusing packaging materials from local resources (such as and recycling centers) helps us to keep both our costs and consumption down.

  • We ship orders twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays), using a post office just over a mile from our house. That’s one mile round-trip!

  • We operate the Perfect Pizza Press out of a spare room in our home, thus saving on office space – and all the added resources that come with it (e.g., heating, electricity, gas for commuting, etc.).

  • From keeping our thermostat low to recycling paper, plastic, metals and (composting) organic waste, we try to keep our household running as greenly as possible.

  • Made of 16-gauge stainless steel, the Perfect Pizza Press is itself 100% recyclable. (Though we sincerely hope that it’s one item you’ll never want to part with!)

  • The Perfect Pizza Press is vegan – it contains no animal products, nor was it tested on animals in any way, shape or form. It was developed and tasted-tested in a wholly vegan kitchen!

  • The Perfect Pizza Press, Inc. is owned and operated by vegans; on our website and blog, we encourage others to adopt a vegan lifestyle as well. A plant-based diet can help to combat a whole host of environmental problems, from climate change to deforestation to biodiversity (and most everything in between).
    Go vegan! For your health, for the animals, and for the home we all share.

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