Shane P. Brady chills with Bigfoot

Shane P. Brady is the hungry mind behind the Perfect Pizza Press. Computer programmer by weekday, vegan pizza connoisseur by nights and weekends, his invention was borne of necessity: namely, the need for a cutting utensil that wouldn’t make a mess of his pizza. When after months spent searching the internets, he couldn’t find a similar pizza cutter on the market, he decided to commission his own. Two prototypes later, and the Perfect Pizza Press was born. Win!

In his down time, Shane enjoys producing his weekly podcast, The Libertarian Dime; cooking vegan food, mostly for his lovely wife; working on various home improvement projects; and gunning down human traffickers in Fallout: New Vegas.

Kelly hearts Ralphie!

Kelly Garbato is a heathen vegan feminist layabout with a big mouth and an even bigger heart. You’ll be happy to know that Kelly provides most of the day-to-day support round these parts! (Joking! That was a joke.)

Vegetarian since 1996, vegan since the mid-aughts, you can oftentimes find her writing about animal rights, feminism and pop culture at any one of her many blogs, including V for Vegan, POP! goes The Vegan., and Animal Rights & AntiOppression. While not agitating online, Kelly works part-time as a media analyst and keeps the Perfect Pizza Press website fresh and shiny.
The Garbato-Brady Bunch, in a rare group shot

Shane and Kelly live in the Kansas City area with their furkids Ralphie, Peedee, O-Ren, Kaylee, Jayne, Ozzy and Lemmy – a motley crew of five rescue dogs and two ex-stray cats. In the future, they hope to expand their family to include rescued farmed animals – goats, most likely – and perhaps a domesticated rat or two. The dogs are @furkids on Twitter, and have 25 albums (and counting!) dedicated to their crazy awesomeness on Flickr.
The Perfect Pizza Press is a stainless steel utensil that you bake with the pizza, delivering total NOMness 100% of the time. If a pie mold and a pizza cutter fell in love, civil unioned, and had a baby, it would look just like the Perfect Pizza Press. Now with patent pending status! Learn more @ The Perfect Pizza Press 101.

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