Find-a-Friend Friday: Artemis

January 25th, 2013 11:53 am by Kelly

Artemis, goddess of the hunt!
Photos courtesy of Clinton Critter Care.


Today’s adoptable is of the “scaled and finned” variety. Super-exciting, considering that it can be a bit more difficult to find animals other than cats and dogs available for adoption in the Kansas City area! As it just so happens, Clinton Critter Care specializes in less traditional companion animals. In addition to Artemis, they also have a lizard named Cleopatra in need of a new home. So go give ’em a look and spread the word, mkay?



Bearded Dragon: An adoptable reptile in Clinton, MO
Medium • Senior • Female

We are looking for an experienced and educated bearded dragon owner to adopt Artemis (lovingly nicknamed “Artie”), an approximately 8 year old female bearded dragon. We believe she might be a citrus or be a citrus hypo. She was surrendered to us by a family in Columbia MO who could no longer care for her or give her the attention she needs.

Artemis requires an adequate enclosure of a 40 gallon breeder tank at LEAST, or ideally an enclosure with 55 gallons or more, with strong UVB lighting (regular light bulbs do not contain UVB light), a basking spot with undertank heater, and a cool side to the enclosure. She has to have fresh water daily treated with Repti-Safe or equivalent to remove chlorine and other heavy metals from the water, as well as lots of fresh greens and other fruits and veggies that HAVE to be replaced DAILY. She also has to have a regular weekly source of insects such as dubia cockroaches (preferred) or crickets, dusted with reptile vitamins. She also enjoys and will eat Fluker’s Bearded Dragon Diet (red pellets). Also required are climbing limbs in her enclosure.

She also needs regular “out of cage” exercise time, and we highly recommend a good bearded dragon leash for ease of mobility while keeping it safe, and weekly baths in warm repti-safe treated water.

Artie is missing the end of her tail, due to being housed together with a male bearded dragon before coming to us. We recommend that Bearded Dragons ALWAYS be housed by themselves as they are naturally solitary reptiles.

If you would like to adopt Artemis the bearded dragon, please fill out the adoption application located on our website here:

Artemis’ adoption fee is $75 and she is located in Clinton,Missouri. If you cannot provide a loving forever home for Artemis, please help us to care for her and other bearded dragons we rescue by donating an item to them off of our wishlist for our reptiles, including bearded dragons! They are in need of heat lamps, bearded dragon food, repti-safe or equivalent for their water, or anything else on our reptile wishlist. It will be sent directly to us, and will be put directly towards the care of this or other reptiles in the future we may rescue! Thank you!


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