Find-a-Friend Friday: 45 21 Baby Chicks!

May 25th, 2012 11:00 am by Kelly


Baby chickens!
Photos courtesy of Animal Kingdom Rescue.


Animal Kingdom Rescue in Trenton, Missouri recently took in 45 Leghorn chickens. These sweet little babies were saved from certain death after they’d outlived their usefulness in a local college class. Now they’re all need in of homes! Adopt two or four or twelve, won’t you? Chickens make wonderful friends!


45 baby chicks
Chicken: An adoptable barnyard bird in Trenton, MO
Medium • Baby • Male

These 45 little Leghorn chicks were rescued from euthanasia after a college class. Half of them were hatched on 4-13-12 and the other half hatched on 4-20-12. There is a mix of hens and roosters. It will most likely be required for each adopter that wishes to adopt hens to adopt at least one rooster. There is a 5.00 adoption fee per chick. All potential adopters will be asked to fill out an adoption application and supply pictures of where the chicks will be housed. E-mail to request a application and include a short summary of your purpose in adopting chickens and a description of the housing you have. Note: The picture was taken on 4-22-12, so the chicks have grown since the picture was taken.

More about 45 baby chicks
Pet ID: chicks • Primary color: White


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