Find-a-Friend Friday: Dave

February 24th, 2012 3:30 pm by Kelly


Dave the green and black conure!
Photos courtesy of Burge Bird Rescue.


If you’re looking to adopt a bird in the Kansas City area, you’re in luck! There are two bird rescues, Beak n’ Wings, Inc. and Burge Bird Rescue, which together foster dozens of lovely birds: parakeets, macaws, conures, budgies, and more.

Dave is a conure from Burge Bird Rescue. A lovely dark green color, Dave is one handsome dude. Poor guy can’t fly due to an old injury to one wing. I bet he enjoys hopping around the house though!


Conure: An adoptable parrot in Grandview, MO
Medium • Adult • Unknown

Dave the Nanday Conure will save you money because he/she never needs his wings trimmed. He can’t fly because he had an old broken wing that didn’t heal properly. He is in perfect feather condition, but sometimes his attitude isn’t so perfect. Like many mature birds, he can get territorial and cage aggressive, so you will have to understand how to work with a bird with a strong personality. Our birds are not available for breeding. Potential adopters must call for an appointment, and must pass a screening interview to ensure that our birds are going to a safe home. Adoption fee $75

More about Dave
Primary colors: Green, Black


If you’d like to welcome a bird or two into your home, please adopt – don’t shop. Feathered friends need our love and compassion, too!

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