Find-a-Friend Friday: Daphne

December 30th, 2011 10:59 am by Kelly


Photo courtesy of C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue-Springfield.


Since this is the last Find-a-Friend Friday of the year, I decided to go big! Big like a farmed pig! Unfortunately, I had to head all the way over to Springfield, Missouri to find such a nonhuman in need of a home. (I’m guessing that most pigs ’round these parts end up in an abattoir. Cue sad face.) Daphne here is a baby pig who still has a lot of growing to do – but she’ll be a big girl when all is said and done. She enjoys her nomz and reportedly does a cute mealtime jig, much like my little dog friend Rennie. She walks well on a harness and leash, enjoys having her tummy rubbed, and likes to play ball – again, much like a dog. Here’s Castaway Animal Rescue Effort with more:


Pig (Farm): An adoptable pig (farm) in Springfield, MO
Large • Young • Female

Kiss a pig? My name is Daphne and I am a real people pig, looking for someone to love! Truly, I’m a pig with a lot of heart. If you have a big heart too, lets get together. I like long walks on my leash and belly rubs. My hobbies are playing with my blue bouncy ball and soaking in a nice cool pool of water. Yummy treats make me talk and beg. I will follow you anyplace. I do enjoy a fine meal, it is a little embarrassing but I get so excited at meal time that I run around and act silly, jumping and twisting, but what do you expect I am a pig after all. If you are wondering about farm pigs, yes we can be loving pets if you have the room. I want a forever home with someone who thinks outside the box and can see me for the sweet heart that I am. I am just a baby now but I will get big and will need a home with plenty of room for me to grow.

Daphne is at the CARE sanctuary and is available for adoption. If you have any questions about her or are interested in meeting her please email us at:


Pigs are intelligent creatures and make lovely companions, assuming you have the room. If so, please consider welcoming this shiny little soul into your home. She’s every bit as deserving as a cat or dog, dontchaknow!

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