Find-a-Friend Friday: Clementine and Heather

December 16th, 2011 3:24 pm by Kelly


Sisters Clementine and Heather need a home, asap!
Photos courtesy of The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.


Clementine and Heather are a pair of sisters who were originally adopted from The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City when they were just wee little kittens. Several years and a new baby later, and the two are back at the shelter and once again in need of a home. Here’s what HSGKC has to say about them:




Clementine & Heather
Calico/Domestic Medium Hair-White Mix: An adoptable cat in Kansas City, KS
Medium • Adult • Female

Date of birth: 5/04

11/18/11: Clementine & Heather are sisters who are looking for a home together. Clementine is a beautiful white cat with a medium hair coat. She’s an affectionate girl and she gets along with other cats. Heather is a Calico kitty with a pretty coat and an adorable round face. She is very friendly and curious. Both girls get along with other cats. They are 7 years old.

We’ve posted more photos of Clementine & Heather on their individual Petfinder pages.

Heather and Clementine originally came to us when they were little kittens. At that time they were very sick with an upper respiratory virus and it caused horrible eye infections in the kittens. Heather had to have an eye removed at that time because it was so badly damaged. But she’s had no other upper respiratory or eye problems since she was young. Both of Clementine’s eyes were saved. She occasionally has some eye discharge problems and needs medication when that happens.

Heather and Clementine get along well together. They’ve been together their entire lives so we’d like to find them a home together. They were originally adopted when they were young and returned recently due to a new baby in the family and not enough time to care for them.


Please consider opening your heart and home to these beautiful girls – both of them! – in their time of need. ‘Tis the season, am I right folks?

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