Find-a-Friend Friday: Mags

April 29th, 2011 10:54 am by Kelly


Mags! Don’t let the blurry photo fool you; Mags is a beautiful older lady with long,
golden blond fur and a face that will split your heart in two.
Photo courtesy of Love A Golden Rescue.

Having just finished Mockingjay – the third and final book in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series – the other day, I thought it might be fun to choose this week’s Friend in need not by species, age, disposition, or health status, but rather by name, using my favorite characters as a guide. Katniss, Peeta and Gale are all obvious choices; and, while there are several adoptable cats named after Katniss and quite a few hits for Gale (but absolutely zero for Peeta, boo!hiss!boo!), I decided to go in a different, less expected direction. Namely Finnick, whose story line was for me one of the most compelling in the series. (Don’t worry, this post is spoiler-free!) Alas, the lone Finnick on Petfinder – a mastiff mix from Maryland – has already been adopted. (That’s a good thing, y’all!) And so I arrived at Mags, Finnick’s fellow tribute from District 4.

Though she says little during her brief appearance in Catching Fire, Mags captured my heart. Like Katniss, she volunteered to take a loved one’s place in the Games, almost certainly sacrificing her own life in the process. She’s a sweet woman, elderly and frail but still capable, both physically and mentally. Mags is one of the first people Katniss chooses as an ally, and Katniss’ trust in her is not misplaced.

Much like District 4 Mags, St. Louis Mags is an older lady whose loyalty, heart and wisdom match her years. This golden retriever girl may be long and gray in the snout, but she still has a lot of life left – and she’d very much like to share it with you!


Golden Retriever: An adoptable dog in Saint Louis, MO
Large • Senior • Female

Mags is a wonderful ten-year-old lady. She loves her foster sisters, foster parents and even Stella, her foster cat friend. Mags is very well-behaved and wants to be at the center of household activities. She will let you know when she needs to go outside and thoroughly enjoys taking a leisurely stroll. If you are outside gardening, she will be content to follow you and take a nap in the sun! Whoever is lucky enough to be selected to be her forever home will thoroughly enjoy this sweetheart!

More about Mags
Pet ID: 11 015 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Primary color: Golden • Coat length: Medium

To find out more about Mags, please get in touch with the St. Louis-based rescue group Love A Golden Rescue today. Mags needs an ally and friend now more than ever; perhaps you are it?

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