Saturday Garbage Plate: Rise!

March 26th, 2011 4:20 pm by Kelly

amazing rise

Amazing rise!
CC image via flickr user penguincakes.


This week in twitter – seven days, seven delicious, vegan pizza dishes:

Contests and giveaways: Vegan Planet has two copies of Party Vegan up for grabs; Amy’s is offering up a gift basket on eat, drink & be vegan; and over on Quantum Vegan, you can win a copy of the new Vstream Vegan Blog Zine. Finally, in anticipation of its April 5th release date, Smart Pop Books is giving away two copies of The Girls Who Was On Fire a day for 13 days (on for each district); you can find a list of participating blogs here. Not relevant to veganism or pizza, but The Hunger Games is kickass nonetheless. Ditto: Smart Pop.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in serious need of a nap. I know, I apologize for the super-brief link roundup – but you can find plenty of oozey, cheesy goodness on our brand-spankin’ new tumblr blog, fuck yeah vegan pizza. And for dessert: fuck yeah vegan ice cream. Need I say more?

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