Find-a-Friend Friday: Charles and Darwin

March 11th, 2011 10:11 am by Kelly


Charles (left) and Darwin (right), a pair of bicolor and albino (respectively) rats, cuddle together under a pink piece of cloth, heads peaking out with curiosity. So cute and cozy!
Photos courtesy T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter.

Oh my dog, if you’ve been following this feature for any amount of time, then I don’t have to tell you how much I adore rats! That’s right: RATS! They are cute and cuddly and curious and sweet and just full of love and fun. (Also: rainbows, unicorns and Dandies.) Unfortunately, with five dogs and two cats, I’m afraid that rats, mice, and other tiny creatures would not be long in my house, so I am relegated to cooing over them on Petfinder. And telling you to adopt them already!

Darwin and Charles are the rats of the day. Currently staying at the T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter in Manhattan, Kansas (a two-hour drive west of KCMO, right past Topeka), Darwin and Charles are two rat friends in need of a home. Tag! You’re it! (I kid, I kid. Or maybe not?)

Darwin & Charles
Rat: An adoptable rat in Manhattan, KS
Small • Adult • Male

Charles and Darwin were surrendered to the shelter to find a home that actually has the time for them. Charles and Darwin are friendly and happy fellows. Charles is the bicolor and Darwin is the albino.

More about Darwin & Charles
Pet ID: 30435-6 • Primary colors: White, Black • Coat length: Short

If, for some strange reason, you are in need of further convincing, just look at these faces!



Charles (top) and Darwin (bottom) WANT TO COME HOME WITH YOU!

These guys have been naturally selected for CUTENESS – with which they will KILL YOU unless you say yes to their demands! Luckily, these primarily involve a safe, loving home, plenty of toys, and all the veggie nomz they can eat. So you’d be a fool to deny them.

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