Find-a-Friend Friday: Lily

February 4th, 2011 3:25 pm by Kelly


Lily, a medium-sized, tan Shar-pei/Hound Mix, smothers her human friend with kisses.
Photos courtesy

When I saw Lily posted on a Facebook friend’s page, I knew at once that she’d be this week’s Friend in need. Lily is located not in the Kansas City area, but rather in Athens, Georgia, at the Athens–Clarke County Animal Control shelter. A special needs dog – Lily is missing on eye and, at seven years old, is considered “elderly” – Lily would have trouble finding an adoptive family even under the best of circumstances. However, at a kill shelter, her fate is is much worse: dear Lily is at high risk of “euthanasia” – being killed for no reason other than simple lack of a home. A human-created problem for which three to four millions dogs and cats pay with their lives, every year in the U.S. alone.

Here’s what the folks at – a volunteer-run website that’s not officially associated with ACCAC – have to say about Lily:

32132 – Lily
Available Dog!

Please use the ledger number, not the name, when calling about a dog.

* Breed: Shar-pei/Hound Mix
* Gender: Female
* Age: 7 years
* Weight: 37 lbs
* Impound Date: 2/2/11
* Ledger Number: 32132

Lily is my absolute favorite dog at the pound right now. Despite the all the hardships Lily has gone through in her short life and continues to suffer from, Lily is the sweetest dog at the pound right now who couldn’t be happier to give people constant love and attention through the sweetest sloppy, wet kisses. Any dog who can look so rough around the edges yet be so affectionate makes her so deserving of a chance at a life of luxury because she will be eternally grateful knowing where she came from. Lily needs a guardian angel to save her from the life she’s been forced to live and show her how great life can actually be – show her that people can love her as much as she loves complete strangers. stresses that an animal’s stay at ACCAC is both short and tenuous:

Dogs are held for a minimum of 5 days if they are strays. This 5-day holding period does not include the day the dog is impounded or any day the pound is closed. During this period, if the animal is of good health and temperament, Animal Control will accept applications for adoption on a first-come, first serve basis if the application is approved. After this 5-day period, any day could be the last for ANY dog at the shelter. Owner surrenders do not have a minimum holding period at the shelter; they are available for adoption immediately. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing a dog, PLEASE don’t wait until a certain day to call. You should be organizing the rescue throughout the dog’s stay at animal control. If you wait until the last minute, the dog you want may no longer be available. Euthanasias occur everyday…not just on one particular day.

ACCAC also works with rescue groups who wish to pull animals from the shelter – so please, even if you’re not looking to adopt a dog yourself, please pass Lily’s information along to a group or individual who may be able to help. You can find additional details, including contact information, on

Perhaps it’s because Lily so reminds me of my dear Ralphie – who’s missing his right eye as well – or maybe I just have an extra-soft spot for the extra-sad cases – but I really, truly hope that a rescue angel is able to come through for this sweet, lovely lady. She deserves a home and family to call her own. They all do.

Lily’s profile was just posted by today, so please hurry. T minus five days and counting…and then Lily’s time may be up.


Lily gazes into the camera with her one good eye. That sound?
It’s my heart, shattering into a million pieces.
Photos courtesy

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