Find-a-Friend Friday: Norman

January 28th, 2011 11:04 am by Kelly


Norman, a brown Swiss steer, relaxes in a bed of hay. Legs tucked under his person,
he oh-so-adorably flashes his little pink tongue at the camera.
Photo courtesy K.I.S.S.(Kitties In-need-of Someone Special, Inc.).

TOMORROW IS VEGAN PIZZA DAY, Y’ALL! Did you hear me? VEGAN. PIZZA. DAY. It ranks among the most awesomest days of the year, second only to my birthday!

Norman here *hearts* vegan pizza day too, ’cause it involves NOMing not on the dead flesh and stolen secretions of his beloved bovine, porcine and avian friends, but rather on gooey slices of goodness covered with melty, stretchy Daiya cheese and crispy Lightlife pepperoni. And veggies: bushels and bushels of vegetables, of every shape, size and color. Poor Norman is drooling just thinking about it! So do this gorgeous boy a favor and share a vegan pizza with a friend tomorrow; preferably one of the omni persuasion. Conversion by vegan food, amiriteppl?

Oh, and while we’re granting wishes, Norman could really use a home to call his own!

Cow: An adoptable cow in Hopatcong, NJ
Extra Large • Baby • Male

This is a courtesy posting for Antler Ridge ( Meet “NORMIE”, he is just 3 weeks old(1/1/11) and will grow up to be 2000 lbs! He was a rescue, (call Antler Ridge for details) and he is up for adoption. He is a BROWN SWISS STEER. As you can see, he is just a friendly little guy, we enjoyed the day sitting with him, feeding him and talking pictures! We’d love to see him in a nice farm setting where he can grow up and bring pleasure and enjoyment to a nice family!

More about Norman
Spayed/Neutered • Primary color: Tan

Norman is currently located in or around Hopatcong, NJ. (What can I say? there are precious few cows listed on Petfinder, probably because most are laid out in the packaged meat section of your local grocer at the moment!) Kitties In-need-of Someone Special, Inc. (K.I.S.S.) submitted Norman’s listing on behalf of Antler Ridge, which you should contact to inquire about him. Please do, okay? Norman needs a family of cows or other formerly farmed animals to call his own.


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