Find-a-Friend Friday: Alabama & Indiana

January 14th, 2011 5:18 pm by Kelly


Alabama and Indiana – two big, beautiful tuxedo boy-cats – lazily lounge in a two-tiered window seat of some kind, staring off behind and to the right of the camera. They’re wearing complementary blue (Alabama) and red (Indiana) colored collars – so cute!
Photos courtesy Assisi Safe Haven for Cats.

It’s been several weeks since we’ve featured cats, so today we’re all about the felines here at the PPP! Two felines in particular: namely, Alabama and Indiana, a bonded pair of brothers who are currently staying with Assisi Safe Haven for Cats in Lansing, Kansas.

Just for poops and giggles, I refined my initial Petfinder search for adoptable cats to include “extra large” felines only, and these guys were two of the sixteen cats who came up. Just sixteen! I wonder what size and weight is considered “extra large” in the feline world? There’s definitely a little more to love on these guys, but neither of them look especially leopard-like.

Anyhow, here’s the listing for Alabama; both read the same, so there’s no point in crossposting each. You can click on each guy’s photo to go to his respective Petfinder listing, if you’re so inclined:





Indiana and Alabama are two tuxedo brothers returned to rescue after a home foreclosure. These are two exquisite big lovable boys that have never been apart a day in their lives, so we will not separate them now. They are the ultimate in handsome big cats, at the same time gentle and soft. Want that lover boy cat to curl up and keep you warm on a cold night think this pair. Contact catwomanofkansas [at] for an adoption application or call Lynn at 913-683-0686 after 7:00 PM

Bring them home, they’ll keep your feetsies nice and toasty! Ditto: your heart.

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