Find-a-Friend Friday: Simon

November 5th, 2010 10:33 am by Kelly


Simon is a small, furry, black and white pig(let) with a large, round pink nose. Look up the word “adorable” in a dictionary, and there Simon will be, smiling right back at you!
Photos courtesy Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

We’re mixing things up this week with a potbellied pig Friend instead of the usual dog or cat! I enjoy featuring less traditional “pet” animals – particularly farmed animals such as cows, pigs and chickens – but rarely have the chance; animals belonging to these species are more likely to be killed and eaten than adopted and loved, especially here in the midwest, and thus there are very few “food” animals available for adoption ’round these parts. (Holy run-on sentence, Catwoman!)

All of which is precisely why dear Simon lives not in Kansas or Missouri, but Iowa. Still, it’s a short distance to drive in exchange for all this cuteness!

Pot Bellied: An adoptable pig in Des Moines, IA
Medium • Young • Male


Simon is a fun, friendly 6-month-old pig who loves attention and playtime. He is potty trained and responds to come, stay and stand. He needs a home with no children under 7 and no large dogs. Adopters MUST be experienced with potbellied pigs — no exceptions.

Simon will be a smaller pig, so he will need to either be an indoor pig or have a heated enclosure available to him.

Simon will remain in his foster home until he is adopted. If you are interested in learning more about him or setting up an appointment to meet him, contact Laura at (515) 473-9105 or at medical [at]

As always, thank you for adopting!

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