What happens when a pie mold and a pizza cutter fall in love, civil unionize, and have a baby?

In addition to raising the ire of conservative pundits the world over, such a pairing would result in none other than the Perfect Pizza Press!

The Perfect Pizza Press is a heavyweight, stainless steel kitchen utensil. Unlike traditional pizza cutters, you bake the Perfect Pizza Press with the pizza, delivering total NOMness 100% of the time.


Here’s how it works:

1. Grease and/or season your baking sheet or pizza stone, and then roll out your pizza dough as you would normally. Add the desired amount of sauce and/or spices.

2. Center the Perfect Pizza Press on top of the dough, pressing down gently but firmly until steel meets stone (or pan). Leave in place.

3. Continue adding your desired toppings: meat, cheese, veggies, fruit, etc. When done, transfer the entire apparatus into the oven and bake at your preferred settings.

4. After removing the pizza from the oven, allow the pizza, stone or pan and Perfect Pizza Press to cool for several minutes. Then, using oven mitts or similar, lift the Perfect Pizza Press up at a 90 degree angle. The pizza will fall away from the steel, leaving you with a crispy, crunchy, crusty, melty, cheesy, meaty, perfectly-sliced pizza.

It’s that simple!


Advantages of using the Perfect Pizza Press over those other pizza cutters:

  • The Perfect Pizza Press does not contain any expensive blades for you to maintain and replace.
  • The Perfect Pizza Press does not include any removable parts, so easily lost or misplaced.
  • The Perfect Pizza Press is made of sturdy, 16-gauge stainless steel – it’s virtually indestructible.
  • The Perfect Pizza Press allows you to make up to eight different pizzas in one.
  • The Perfect Pizza Press bakes the edges of each pizza slice, resulting in eight crispy, crunchy slices of pizza.
  • The Perfect Pizza Press is manufactured in the USA – and locally (in St. Joseph, Missouri), at that!
  • The Perfect Pizza Press is vegan – it does not contain any animal products and was developed and tested in a vegan kitchen!
  • The Perfect Pizza Press, Inc. donates 20% of its net profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to issues of food justice, animal rescue, and/or animal advocacy. (See our Non-Profit Partnerships page for details!)



What are you waiting for? Order your very own Perfect Pizza Press today!

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